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Welcome to WEIGHTS & WINE

My name is Emma, I'm 33 and am a qualified personal trainer working in Didsbury and Manchester and online coach at the Wellbeing-Project. I started working in the fitness industry later in life as I was fed up of constantly trying fad diets and exercise plans that never seemed to work for me. 

My mission is to help my clients enjoy exercise by supporting them to achieve their goals and feel confident exercising both in and out of the gym. If you're looking for fitness advice and guidance with some humour and wine advice along the way then you're in the right place. 

My ethos is...

Fitness is for everyone

All things in moderation

Life is too short to forfeit a glass of wine... or do 100 burpees 

Exercise is not about punishing your body but using it and realising just how brilliant it can be when you look after it

Personal Training is more than just the workout


As someone who has struggled and still occasionally battles with herself when it comes to her own fitness and nutrition, I understand how frustrating and alienating the fitness industry and gym's can be.

Sometimes just the thought of exercise is enough to send your anxiety through the roof. I've been there.

My sessions are designed to challenge you and show you just what you can do when you put your mind to it. There's no judgement and I don't force my clients to do militant workouts. I want you to leave our sessions feeling full of energy and on top of the world.  

The internet is full of 'fitspos' and supposed experts who are capitalising on people's insecurities to make a name for themselves. We're seeing new fitness crazes and diets pretty much every month and it can feel like an exhausting place to be.

DON'T STRESS - you'll get none of that here.

This space is about learning and understanding so that you feel empowered to do it yourself. I want this to be a place where we can figure stuff out together.

Interested in Personal Training?

You're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of progress and results on your own - you're in the right place.

You feel like the gym just isn't for you - you're in the right place.

You want to understand how to lift weights safely - you're in the right place.

You're fed up of buying into short term transformation promises that don't work and leave you hungry and exhausted - you're in the right place.

My job as a PT is to take all the confusion away and make exercise and eating well straightforward and enjoyable.


Not local to Didsbury/Manchester?

Not a problem - I've launched my own fitness App called the Wellbeing-Project. I'm offering online packages so that I can work with you too.

The App allows me to create workouts designed for you based on your ability and goals, workouts are scheduled around your commitments and you get 24/7 support from me throughout. This isn't a short term transformation fix - this is about making lifelong changes in a more cost effective way by working with me remotely rather than in person.

I have also created Wellbeing worksheets that help us focus on your happiness and goals. I've created a nutrition guide to help you understand more about the importance of hydration, sleep and portion control as well as how to achieve a balanced diet. We've also got nutrition questionnaires to help me understand your eating habits and behaviours so we can avoid common pitfalls and frustrations.

My aim is to empower you to have enough confidence and knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices for yourself.

Want to know more - get in touch info@wellbeing-project.co.uk



So in a nutshell - that's me. I hope you enjoy and any questions just give me a shout using the contact form, email or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.

Emma x

Female personal trainer Didsbury Manchester

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