The Insanity Workout

Now to very briefly explain what Insanity is, created by Shaun T who's done a whole host of other stuff like T25 and Hip Hop Abs. It definitely isn't for the faint hearted and I'll start this by saying it isn't suitable for everyone. There's a disclaimer on the DVD telling you exactly the same thing. The workout is hard going and this is definitely not a softly softly approach to interval training.

Now how did I get into the Insanity madness?

Well thanks to an ex boyfriend of mine actually, he'd been doing the workout and suggested I borrowed it to see if I liked it. I did. I also hated it at times too. The workouts are hard, I had seriously tight and sore calves for the first 2 weeks. I actually started incorporting extra stretches for them because walking or should I say waddling across my office was not cool. 

I completed Insanity a while ago now and I felt great for it, toned, stronger, fitter, faster... everything the workout promises. Although I don't stick to the workout at the minute I love the recovery disc for when I've been hammering weights at the gym and when I just don't feel like walking for 10 minutes to get to the gym I have been known to stick one of the workouts on instead.


Unlike most exercise DVD's it really doesn't get any easier each time you do it. The only way I knew I was making serious progress was when my reps went up, I could do an exercise the whole way through rather than stopping. I don't think there was any element of any of the workouts that I could complete. Even the warm up is hard going.

There are some obvious plus points, once you have the workout you don't need to pay for a gym or make-up weather or time related excuses as to why you can't do it. Now there is a lot of jumping and so you do need a decent floor surface to do it on, I have terrorised many a neighbours when I was living in flats in the city centre jumping around at 5.30am to get it done.

Personally I preferred doing it in the morning, it set me up for the day and meant I was much better behaved on the food-front because I didn't want to un-do the hard work! It is also great for winter when the thought of braving the cold and the dark to do anything is too much.

Top Tips for Insanity:

1. Never ever ever miss the stretching, boy will your body need it. If anything add more stretching in.

2. Don't stop moving, between the circuits just keep moving around. It makes it easier when he's calling you back to go again.

3. Sip your water don't gulp. Just trust me on this one.

4. Wear minimal workout gear and a decent sports bra (girls) you are going to sweat A LOT.

5. Join the online Insanity community, they're actually really nice and you'll notice as soon as you start talking about Insanity online people will get in touch and ask you to join their groups. It's a nice way to see other people and how they're getting on with it and also makes you accountable to make sure you don't accidentaly skip a workout... we've all been there.

6. When he tells you to do 8 or 14 and you can't, don't stress, by the end of it you will. Do as many good versions as you can and adapt if you need to.

7. Don't just pay attention to the guys at the front, they're the best. Look at the ones in the middle and the back who aren't always doing it right and look exactly the same as you do. 

8. Make sure you have a towel. You can refer to number 4 if you're wondering why.

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into my experience of the Insanity workout, if you have any questions or you'd like to know more then just get in touch here.

And in the words of Shaun T... "Dig Deeper"