What product did I try?

I have been using the Lean Greens powder almost every day for the last couple of weeks. I have never ever enjoyed a greens powder when I have tried it before. A lot of the stuff out on the market is chalky and hugely overpowering no matter what you try and combine it with ingredient wise. 

This was sent to me to try and give the guys at Lean Greens some feedback on, which is exactly what I did.

What did I think?

You know what, it's really good. It doesn't have anywhere near the same overpowering taste that other greens powders on the market do. I was promised this would be the best tasting greens powder I'd try and they're not wrong.

In a smoothie or a protein bowl you can barely taste it at all. It doesn't make shakes too thick or give it that really chalky texture that others do. It has that earthy kick that let's you know it's in there but it's no where near as overpowering as a lot of others on the market. 

How did I use it?

So I have been using it either mixed with water, 3 teaspoons with 250ml of cold water - definitely make sure it's nice and cold.

Protein shakes, again just adding 3 teaspoons to a flavoured whey protein powder and frozen fruit. In this you can barely taste it at all.

Smoothie bowls - same rules apply 3 teaspoons with a flavoured whey protein powder and ice with heaps of frozen fruits (try berries, mango and pineapple) some 0% greek yoghurt and top with almonds and cashews for some bite. 

How much is it?

To get the 250g Lean Greens starter pack with shaker included is £30.

Affiliate link and discount code

I've partnered up with Lean Greens and if you use my affiliate code WNW10 you can get 10% off orders. 

Vanilla Protein Shake

30g Genetic Supplement Whey Protein Vanilla

3 Tsp Lean Greens

50g Frozen Blueberries

50g Frozen Mango

1 Tsp Chia Seeds

2 Tbsp 0% Greek Yoghurt

Water (cold) to blend

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