"I think there's a lot to be said for exercise in the fresh and natural sunlight, it gives you more of a boost."

"I love the variety of doing PT in the park, there's always something new to try. It also makes the exercises feel more accessible and easier to replicate at home without worrying about using any fancy gym equipment. 

I started my outdoor sessions in the winter and despite initially worrying about the impact of the weather, it was so much fun I've been doing it ever since."  

"I think my favourite aspect of outdoor training is that everything I'm taught can be done at home and in the garden. No machines, weights, speeds or mirrors to check form. Just me, a mat, a resistance band and practice with a professional so I can learn to feel when the movement is perfect and use all of those skills at home."

"I love the open space, all I can smell is flowers and cut grass."

"No gym-based distractions help me, it makes me think more about my form and less about comparing myself to everyone else. it's good for my lack of confidence as I know I'm no gym bunny but PT makes me feel like wonder woman."

"Training outdoors helps clear my head, there is something refreshing about being around nature. I have never enjoyed the gym but I love my outdoor PT sessions."

"It teaches me to exercise without having to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment that I don't have room for in my house."

"It is a more inspiring environment to exercise"

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