Revision/Training Update

So, how’s it all going I hear you ask?

Revision is flipping hard and for that matter, so is the course. Not only am I struggling to find the time to work, workout, revise and have a social life (I’m not going to lie the social life is winning right now) but I’m also finding revision generally pretty tough.

I was always a bit of a geek at school but revising is definitely not my favourite thing to do. I even picked a degree that was based on assignments and had no exams what so ever for me to sit – perfect!

But I am making slow and steady progress through the modules, been covering off bones and muscles and things are on the whole making sense. How much of everything I am retaining is an entirely different question.

Training wise I’ve been slacking a bit but this week has been a massive improvement. I trained at Probalance on Tuesday morning and managed a gym session last night where I did 40 minutes on the cross trainer and then did arms and abs with a few squats thrown in there for good measure. Tonight I’m back to Probalance for their boot camp session, oddly can’t wait.

The plan for the rest of the week is another training session Friday after work and Saturday morning (assuming I don’t get too giddy on my friends birthday drinks Friday night) and then Sunday is my day of rest. Also need to chuck some revision in there somewhere…

Seriously need more hours in the day!

Further “I’ve been slacking off” updates to follow…

M x

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