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Hi all,

This weekend was exceptionally boozy, even for my standards! I had two friends’ birthdays to celebrate, one of which included participating in the Didsbury Dozen.

For anybody who hasn’t heard of it essentially it’s a bar crawl across 12 pubs in Didsbury village. An epic mission. You get 45 minutes in each bar and at the end everybody who’s still left standing and can manage it, goes for a massive curry. I had such a great day but health wise I am feeling fairly terrible!

So this week I am kick starting my body back into health mode. I’ve decided I’m going to keep a record of what I’m eating this week to try and keep me on track with everything. I’ll share this at the end of the week.

(as an aside after consuming this smoothie I had terrible indigestion!)

Training wise I have quite a lot on at the end of this week and I’m out for dinner this evening so I am scheduling in a Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday workouts. I am also hoping to fit in a lunch time training session with Andy at Pro-Balance @probalance1

Today is also my mum’s birthday, I am really close to my mum and she’s a huge inspiration when it comes to fitness. The way she pushes herself to exercise and the difference that has made to her general health is incredible. Proof that anybody at any time, age or any circumstances can kick start their own health journey.

Good work Bridget!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Mummy, love you millions xxx

I’ll be checking in later in the week to catch up with everyone and let you know how my detox to make me feel human again is going...

Yolo x

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