Weekend Adventure in Stockholm

Apologies for the late blog post everyone, due to some serious revision/cramming for my Personal Training course which starts tomorrow I have been seriously delayed in getting this up for you all to see. So, last weekend I went to Stockholm for the first time and I had a fantastic weekend exploring a truly beautiful city.

Before I went away I read a few travel blogs and reviews which I found helpful and so I wanted to do the same. As you can probably tell this is not a travel blog, I mainly blog about my progress on becoming a personal trainer... and wine (obvs) but here goes nothing...

So, we stayed right next to Central Station which is ideal if you're heading for a weekend break to Stockholm. The train services, like everything else in Sweden are scarily efficient. The city is easy to explore on foot and I managed to tot up about 70,000 steps while we were there.

So here are some of my personal highlights, many of them are on the photo slideshow at the top, I've included links there for you guys so that you can check out the places in more detail

1. Stockholm City Hall - is beautiful and has some great views back over to Gamla Stan which is the old town of Stockholm. There were two gorgeous brides having their wedding snaps done in the absolute freezing cold but I could understand why, the views will make for gorgeous forever pictures.

2. The Royal Palace - on Stadsholmen, in Gamla Stan is again another stunning building to walk around and right next to the old town so you have plenty of places to nip in for a brew/glass of wine to warm up!

3. Chokladkoppen - Now this place came hugely recommended on pretty much every review, travel blog and inch of the internet I looked at before I went. I can see why, the place is tiny and getting a seat took us 3 attempts over the weekend, but boy was it worth it! They serve the most amazingly sweet and delicious hot chocolate in bowls! What's not love to about that? Although we didn't eat the food looked lovely with generous portions for the prices. I'd love to go back to this place in the summer and sit out in the square to watch the world go by.

4. Skansen Museum & Zoo - Ok so this place required us to get a ferry over to the island Djurgården. I'll start by saying that I think this place would be much different experienced in the summer, there were two things that saved it for us, it snowed and the animals. The place itself is vast and you could easily spend all day walking around the place, we made a swift b-line for the animals and although I was slightly gutted not to see any bears (Hibernation?! - so unfair!) there was loads to see and a coffee shop which had the most delicious carrot cake.

Oh, also don't get fooled into paying to go into places once you're in, just carry on, there's more than enough to see which what you've already forked out!

5. Hotel Skeppsholmen - This is on Grona Gangen the island next to Djurgården but again you can hop on the ferry which takes no time at all. We called here after a visit to the Museum of Modern Art for a quick glass of red and a bite to eat. This place is lovely and well worth a stay if you can budget for it. We had sausages with the chef's mustard from the light bites menu and it was incredible.

6. Gästabud - This is a beautiful restaurant in Gamla Stan, we went here late on the first day and I went for Swedish Meatballs because I couldn't resist. They were delicious, I'll never feel the same way about Ikea meatballs (devastating.) Everything about this place is great, small, friendly, good value, good food and wine. I can't recommend this place highly enough - just go!

There are heaps of other things I could tell you all about but there is something very important you should know... this is for all you wine lovers out there.

Sweden has state run liquor stores and these are the only places where you can buy alcohol over 3.5%. You also need to be aware that they close pretty early on both weekdays and weekends and having witnessed the queue on a Saturday evening you need to pick your times if you want a couple of bottles for your hotel room (which at Sweden's booze prices trust me you will)

I hope this helps. I loved Stockholm and it was the perfect mini-break before starting my personal training course. All the links for the places I visited are on the image slideshow at the top.

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Happy Travels!

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