Personal Training - Taking Over My Life

In the New Year I made a bunch of promises to myself, an enthusiastic to-do list shall we say. One of those things was that I would blog weekly on here... As you can tell, that hasn't quite happened.

Taking on a personal training course alongside my full time job has been one of the most challenging things I've done in years. My life has become a routine of revision, training, tracking macros, worrying if I've made the right decision, missing my friends and my family and one day weekends.

If anybody tells you qualifying to be a personal trainer is easy, send them my way, they're fibbing.

The best part of this ridiculously time consuming adventure is how much I've learnt. Not only about training and nutrition but about my own fitness and what it is ultimately I want to achieve. When you have the knowledge, the most exciting decision is what you're going to do with it for yourself.

I don't think you can truly excite and encourage others as a personal trainer until you've done that for you.

I now only have seven weeks left on my course, where did the time go? Level 3 is complete and I have an anxious wait for my last exam results after two really difficult tests. This weekend I passed my level 3 practical assessment with some really encouraging feedback. My diploma starts next weekend - eeek and before I know it, and all being well, I will be a qualified personal trainer.

I'm on the home stretch folks, it hasn't been easy but it has definitely been worth it.

If you're interested in qualifying to be a PT then check out TrainFitness these are the guys I'm qualifying with.

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