Spin Instructor Assessment - Ouch!

How I got on during my Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training Spin Assessment with Train Fitness

Yesterday was my penultimate weekend on my Level 3 Diploma PT course with TrainFitness - where has the time gone? I can't quite believe I've been doing this since February and its nearly over!

So this weekend, as the title suggests, was my spin instructor assessment, eeek.

Now, I'll start this by saying, I don't go spinning... I had never been spinning before this course, ever. To say I was nervous is an understatement, sh*tting it would be more accurate. That feeling only got worse when 9 people turned up for the assessment day - bugger.

In total I participated in 6 twenty minute spin classes. SIX!!

Words literally cannot explain how I felt at the end of it all, safe to say I am still struggling to sit comfortably today. It was brutal and I knew it was going to be, I mean spinning is hard anyway but two hours of it... horrible, just horrible.

Spinning itself, I actually really enjoyed it. It was cool to learn about all the different elements of the sessions and how to play around with those when teaching your own class. I'm going to say I prefer being in the standing position, doesn't everyone? I mean it's easier right? I loved the climbs and anything that means you can workout to 90's dance music is always going to be my cup of tea.

So here is the top 10 things I learnt from my spinning assessment

1. Wear shorts - spin rooms are crazy hot!

2. Sweat, you'll sweat and sweat and then sweat some more. Lovely.

3. If you've got a sensitive tush like me, buy a gel seat cover or padded shorts for the love of God!

4. Embrace the noise, it really is the loudest workout I've ever done. The music, the shouting, just get your head in the game and thrive off it.

5. It is a little bit like a disco, little bit. (Not really but trying to think of something nice to say)

6. Do it with a friend, I was in stitches laughing with the guys off my course and it made the whole thing a heck of a lot more bearable.

7. Hydrate, see point 2.

8. Don't be a hero, work at your pace. I heard this a lot yesterday "remember this is your ride" - so true.

9. Take a towel, see point 2.

10. Don't plan to go on a night out after 2 hours of spinning, I did, it was not pretty.

Hope this is useful to any spin newbies out there, good luck!

Oh and I can now officially say I am a qualified spin instructor - woohoo!!

Emma X

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