I did it! I'm a Personal Trainer

So guys, if you haven't seen already from my oodles of posts on Twitter and Instagram - I DID IT! As of last week I am now a fully qualified Personal Trainer. How exciting is that! I swear I get a little buzz every time I write it, say it, think about it. It is such a great feeling after 5 months of trying to balance a full time job, revision, training, friends and family. I have to admit that balancing act hasn't always been successful.

In some ways the last 5 months has flown by, and in others I think back to setting up this blog in February and that feels like a lifetime ago! It has been hard graft but in all honesty I've really loved it. It had been far too long since I'd challenged myself both mentally and physically and it feels so good to have achieved what I set out to.

What has the course taught me?

Well, I feel like even though I am qualified now I have literally scratched the surface of health and fitness. Learning about how incredible our bodies are and seeing what they are capable of achieving has been the highlight.

I think it's pretty obvious to work in the fitness industry you need a thirst for knowledge, I don't think you ever stop learning.

So what now?

Well the learning doesn't stop there for me, I've already signed up to do my pre and post natal qualification and a kettle bells course. I know, I must be mad. I'm going to start training clients part time at Pro Balance Health, a personal training gym just off Albert Square in Manchester City Centre.

For anyone who's been following my journey towards qualifying as a Personal Trainer... THANK YOU!

To all the lovely bloggers and fitness guys and girls who have been super supportive over the last 5 months, you're all ace, thank you.

To my friends and family for putting up with my stress and complete lack of time for you all, I love you all for being patient.

So now the hard work starts - #PersonalTrainerLife is a GO!


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