Things that happen when you tell people you’re a personal trainer

Let me firstly start by saying, this is a bit of a banter post, with a capital B. It has been a lot of fun observing how people behave when they know you have qualified as a personal trainer. I decided to keep my training and the course quiet on the whole and only really shared with friends and close family, mainly because I didn’t want the added pressure of people knowing. It was my own project that I could quietly knuckle down and get on with. Sitting exams after 10 years is scary enough without the whole world knowing right?

Since I started telling people I have noticed so many funny things which I thought would make for a nice light-hearted blog post.

Here are some of my favourite things I have noticed that people like to do/ask/say to personal trainers. It makes me feel a little bit like a fitness spy which I’m not going to lie, is ace.

People stare at your food… All. The. Time.

I’m not sure if people think that personal trainers eat magic food but I have had a lot of people sneaking a peak at my lunches and snacks and asking me what everything is. I haven’t had the heart to tell people it’s exactly the same as the last 5 months. The days of snaffling in the odd biscuit or haribo are long gone. There are eyes – everywhere!

(Who am I kidding the snack snaffling still happens)

Diet Advice – are carbs the devil?

This one I get all the time, weight loss means no carbs right? Wrong. Isn’t it a shame that the general opinion (still) is if I want to lose weight I can’t eat carbs. A life without carbs, tragic. I’m having a lot of fun squashing this myth.

People ask if they can eat stuff.

Seriously. Genuinely been asked ‘Can I eat this?’ or ‘Should I eat this?’ – erm… yes? When did personal trainers become nutritionists and dieticians? I never thought this would happen. Why should what I say impact on whether or not you eat something?

I’m not the food mafia. Am I? No that role is definitely not for me. Had a giant crumpet for breakfast this morning #sorrynotsorry

People ask how much exercise they have to do so they can eat stuff.

Q. If I eat this slice of pizza, how many burpees will I have to do?

A. 50.

Q. After these sprints can I have a glass of wine?

A. No, no more wine. Ever. Now do 50 burpees just for thinking about wine.

Freebies – requesting not receiving.

If you think for a second qualifying as a personal trainer means a load of really cool brands start emailing and tweeting you to give you stuff – think again. What does happen is people want freebies, free sessions, free training, free diet advice, free tips. If I had a pound for every time I heard the phrase “mate rates” I wouldn’t need to train any actual clients.

Clearly my mates are greedy freeloaders… haha. Love you guys.

Copy Cat.

People start doing the same stuff as you, it’s weird. They buy the same things you do, eat the same stuff, snack on the things you do. I mean they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so you know, I’ll take that.

Paging Doctor Weights&Wine.

People come to you with ailments, ask you what injuries are and strange marks they've had for a few months could be. I'm not sure what they think you're taught on a PT course but diagnosing illness was not one of the modules. I can't help you I'm afraid and frankly I don't want to...

So clearly I am taking the p*ss on this blog post but I just couldn’t help myself. I cannot wait to see what other weird and wonderful things I’m going to get asked in the months to come.

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