Fitness Shoot With @ruggedwisdom

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing day shooting with Alex aka @ruggedwisdom around Manchester and I wanted to write a post on what a scary and liberating process it was. Have even included some tips for anyone thinking about doing it.

I don't really like having my photograph taken. A selfie I can just about manage, nobody can see me and I can take a million for every one I decide to post on my Twitter and Instagram. When someone stands in front of me with a camera and asks me to smile or look at it or do anything other than panic, blush and wander off... they're asking a lot.

I'd seen Alex had been working with a load of bloggers I followed on social media, some of which I'd met at events and I really loved the pictures. In a moment of complete and utter bravery I decided to contact him and see if he fancied collaborating on a fitness shoot. Lucky for me he jumped at the chance for us to work together and before I knew it we had a date in the diary and I was committed. No turning back.

So the first thing I did was rope in my best friend of over 10 years to come along with me. If anyone could embrace the role of cheerleader and honest critic it was her. She nailed it.

Next was to decide where to shoot, some of this was an organic process but I knew I wanted somewhere inside that was interesting (and meant nobody could see us) and outside that gave it more of that cool Manchester vibe. In the end we shot at Corn Exchange, Cathedral Gardens, outside Manchester Cathedral and near Cornbrook and along the River Irwell.

I can safely say shooting with Alex was one of the best things I have done. I like to see myself as a constant work in progress, I am always working on my fitness and my body is constantly changing along the way. I knew waiting for the time when I was 'ready' would never come. It was the definition of stepping out of my comfort zone. But... I did it. I can even admit I had fun.

There were moments of face ache and smoldering (bordering on angry) facial expressions. The glamour of dusty arse prints and back seat car outfit changes. It was exciting, scary and has given me some beautiful photographs that I get to look back on and think - I did that.

Fitness Shoot Top Tips

1. Take outfit choices that you've tried on and you like. If you're not sure about it, you probably won't shoot in it.

2. Coffee.

3. Snacks, nobody wants to have their picture taken hangry.

4. Know your locations in advance, it helps you visualise the shoot before you go and think about the type of pictures you want.

5. Check out the photographers work so you can tell them what it is they do that you like.

6. Take a friend. Someone who is honest enough to tell you something looks rubbish and to shut your mouth.

7. If you decide to take props I don't recommend 16kg kettlebells - just putting it out there.

8. Enjoy it - as best you can. Yes its weird having someone pointing a camera at you not knowing when or where to look or what to do with yourself but even if you only do it once, it should be fun.

9. Smolder.

10. When they ask you to think or something funny, don't think about something weird your boyfriend said to you that leaves you in hysterics but is so odd you can't explain yourself #totesawkward

Alex was incredible to work with - so much so I am already in the diary to shoot with him again in March next year. Go check him out, lovely bloke!