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Since I have started personal training one of my favourite ways to train clients is outdoors. There is something brilliantly refreshing about exercising in the great outdoors and this is the perfect solution for anybody who isn't a fan of the gym.

I tend to use my outdoor sessions with clients as an excuse to join in - madness I know.

I thought I would put together some tips and tricks of how to make the most of the outdoors when you're exercising. Hopefully this might inspire you to stick on your trainers and brave your local park or back garden for your next workout.

Body Weight

Is an amazing tool and massively under utilised. You don't need weights to get a decent resistance training session in. Use your core movements, squat, lunge, push and pull and be creative about how you use your body and advance the moves to make the exercises work for you.

Try variations of the following: Walking lunges / Jog / Press Ups / Step Ups (using a bench or raised step) / Squat Jumps / High Knees / Plank / Mountain Climbers


Especially at this time of year - wrap up warm. There is nothing worse than going from cold to hot to cold. Try and keep yourself moving at all times and have layers that are easy to take on and off. Make sure you warm up and cool down properly so you don't risk hurting yourself.

You can pick up cheap and cheerful thermal layers at Primark!


Are my favourite thing about training outside, what could be better than getting to pet and play with poochies while you workout? Winner!

Resistance Bands

If you're looking to mix up your bodyweight routines, resistance bands are a cheap and easy way to mix things up. These can be a great addition to any workout and is something I use with clients all the time. There are loads of great tutorials on YouTube on using resistance bands. Start simple and check out the fun stuff you can do if you're training with a friend. Prices vary but you can get a decent resistance band for a tenner.

I use these from Wolverson which are £9.99 each.


Are brilliant to include in an outdoor workout. You can use them for push ups, tricep dips, step ups, stretching, squats... The list goes on. They are also great to use to help with balance if you're just starting out.


Mats are super cheap to pick up - less than a tenner at places like Sports Direct and mean that you can safely and comfortably do ab work outside. Mine was £8.99 from USA Pro and has a carry strap to make it super easy to carry around with me. You can use these for planks, crunches, press ups, stretches...again the list goes on with this one.


So, I live in Manchester and sometimes it rains here. Always good to have something to wipe down benches and your mat if it's wet and muddy out.


You're fighting a losing battle with a runny nose otherwise, that struggle is real.


I mean as if I even have to include this as a HUGE benefit to training outdoors but I'm throwing it in there anyway. No charge, nothing, zero. No pennies required - hurrah.

So there you have it, really simple and straight forward ways to make training outside enjoyable and effective.

Get your thermals on and get out there already!

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