2018 Fitness Trends

So every year fitness trends are predicted, in magazines and fitness communities, newspapers and by the 'experts' (whatever that means)

I decided to trawl the internet (so you don't have to) and bring together the hotly anticipated fitness stuff you really ought to be doing this year! I should note at this point, none of these are my ideas, I have quite literally taken them from other people.

So here goes...


You'll be glad you know HIIT lovers that High Intensity Interval Training which massively took off last year is going nowhere. Unsurprisingly so seeing as HIIT promises to burn calories long after you've stopped the workout and burn you a heck of a lot of calories in a short space of time.

I mean anything that tells you that you can do less of something for increased benefit? No wonder we've all gone HIIT crazy.

For a far more balanced overview and better understanding of HIIT, how to do it and the benefits click here Grant Tinsley does a fab overview in this article.

2. Group Training

Is making a comeback. I am so happy about this and very selfishly with my imminent kettlebells qualification this makes me more determined to run group kettlebell classes. According to those in the know we're back wanting to workout with others to help motivate and keep us all accountable to our new fitness goals.

So buddy up and go get a sweat on!

3. Wearable Tech

If someone bought you a FitBit this Christmas you are already on trend in 2018!

Wearable tech can be anything from a watch to a wristband, headband, headphones and even all in one body suits! (not even kidding) All designed to help you plan, track and monitor yourself. These come in all shapes and sizes and levels of seriousness which also means they vary to suit budgets - thank goodness.

Connor Allison @conorallison95 did a post on the best fitness trackers and wearables for this year, check it out here.

4. Body Weight Training

Now we've seen this become so much more popular online over the last 12 months and it is set to continue this year. We no longer need gym memberships, weights and equipment to get trim. There are videos and fitspos all over the internet showing us really simple and straight forward at home workouts - meaning we don't even need to leave the house to get #gainz. YouTube is packed with some really good quality content for these kind of workouts.

Some of my favourites when it comes to simple, easy to follow and enjoyable (not always) body weight workouts are:

Carly Rowena

Tally Rye

Joe Wicks

Alice Liveing

5. Personal Training

I know I'm a personal trainer and all, but this genuinely was quoted by 8fit.com - I swear!

The great news here is people are turning to professionals to get structured programmes and workouts designed specifically for them. There are loads of benefits to having a PT. My clients are forever telling me they wouldn't push themselves, do as much or as long of a workout or do half the moves I ask them to if they were training alone.

It does work... and for some shameless self promotion, if you fancy a free taster session (yes FREE) then drop me a line here.


The lesser intense sibling to HIIT - Low Intensity Interval Training. In a nutshell, these sessions can still burn as many calories as HIIT but are less brutal, they take significantly longer so you're looking at 30-40 minutes extra workout than HIIT.

LIIT can be as simple as an hour walking playing with your speeds and movement patterns, not a burpee in sight - hurrah.

7. Yoga (Variations)

We've been loving Yoga in 2017 and we'll continue to do so this year but with more weird and wonderful combinations.

Think yoga but more random with animals like sheep, cats, puppies etc. beer yoga, I'm still waiting for wine yoga to be a proper thing... and something called Hotpod Yoga (not to be confused with Hotpot for us northerners.. google it)

8. Hiking

So this is the one I am MOST excited about, I bloody love walking and hiking they are my favourite ways to get outdoors and exercise. I'm going to be shouting about this all over my social media all year long!

Walking gear can be expensive but doesn't have to be, there are loads of great deals online or try Sports Direct, Decathlon or even Aldi for seasonal bargains.

So there you have it - these are just a selection of the trends we can expect to see on our Twitter and Instagram for the year ahead!

You heard it here first!

Weights & Wine x

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