Fitness Group Photo Shoot #IWentRugged #RuggedGroupShoot

Fitness Photo Shoot

So ages ago, after my first shoot with Alex (aka @ruggedwisdom) I decided that it would be really good fun to get a group of my favourite bloggers together to do a group shoot. I really didn't think any further than this when I first floated the idea to Alex and the girls on social media and then before I knew it we had a WhatsApp group on the go and were throwing dates around.

So we decided to shoot at Elevation Fitness in Warrington, a fab Personal Training Gym thanks to @ContourAllure - even with mini heaters and blankets - it was a great space for us to use.

We decided to shoot half and half, half fitness and half glam, I can't take credit for the concept, this was all on our master photographer @ruggedwisdom. The fab @frontpaigemakeup was recruited to do our make-up for the day and she did a gorgeous natural and evening look for us all.


Our line-up of bloggers for the day was:

Ali @mybigfitdiary

Emma @EmaJoyC

Missy @ContourAllure

Rachel @ode2Fitness (who sadly due to a beautiful but grumpy bubba couldn't make it)

I love these girls. Love them.

These are the first girls I met in the world of blogging and I've stuck with them the entire time, they're lovely humans. No matter how often or how little I see of them they're super supportive and I couldn't think of anybody better to do a group photo shoot with.

Fitness Photo Shoot

It was hilarious, this team girl band will last a lifetime. The key things we all found about one another was that we were willing to cozy up for the sake of body warmth and that we're all a bit dead behind the eyes. Smouldering clearly wasn't going to be an issue with this lot.

I also learnt that my Independent Ladies playlist from Spotify possibly wasn't the most PG choice.

Fitness Photo Shoot

I'm so glad we actually managed to find the time to do this, it was so much fun and we love how the pictures turned out - really hope you love them as much as we do! Can't wait to shoot with you guys again.

Here's to more collaborations in the future - LOVE YOU GUYS!

Fitness Photo Shoot





Fitness Photo Shoot