Recently I have been blogging and Tweeting a lot about two things I have been really embracing so far in 2018.

1. Walking - love it, love it, love it.

2. Focusing on movement not training.

So, I do go on with myself all the time about how ace walking is. Every weekend I try and venture out somewhere, normally with a flask of coffee, the boyfriend and our National Trust membership. Sometimes we go nuts and take iced buns with us. There is something wonderfully therapeutic about getting outside, fresh air, surrounded by nature and blowing the cobwebs away. It is also the one thing I always ask my PT clients to do between our sessions, once or twice a week, for at least 45 minutes.

Since qualifying and taking on my now 9 clients (seriously when did it become 9!!!) I have really struggled to find the time to train. I haven't been particularly motivated to go to the gym and once I've done a full day at work and an evening or a morning session with clients around that, I'm pretty shattered to be fair.

So instead of beating myself up about it, thinking I need more hours in the day or more commitment to training, or letting my own fitness go by the wayside. I decided to make a promise to myself every week - to move. That's it. No script, no concrete plans, just movement. I wanted to see if taking some of my own pressure away would actually encourage me to do more and be more creative with the time that I do have.

You know what? It has actually worked. I am now managing to consistently move at least 4 days in my 5 day week. That might be an outdoor body weight workout, a Kettle Bell at home workout, a quick session in the gym after a client or a yoga session before work.

Now instead of missing a gym session or a programmed workout, feeling guilty, thinking f*ck it I've messed up the routine now why bother... oh look there's a bottle of wine etc. I have given myself the freedom to move more or move less depending on how I feel, my mood, my tiredness. No two weeks are ever the same when you're doing personal training so adding more commitments and stress on top of two jobs and a (hanging by a thread) social life - is just no fun.

So I have decided, with my new found love of all things outdoor fitness related to start a #WEEKENDWALKING themed post on my blog. I'm going to be shouting about all the great places to visit, showing you all the beautiful walks there are in and around Manchester and hopefully encouraging you all to get out, wrap up warm, fill up a flask... and get #WEEKENDWALKING

If you have any tips on places to go - hit me up!

This is Harry and Paddy <3

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