Why I love personal training

To date this may be my cheesiest post ever.

However, I am fully embracing #InternationalDayOfHappiness to talk about why I just bloody love being a personal trainer.

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It isn’t just business it’s personal…

No two clients are the same, my client base is a mixture of gym and outdoor training. I train such a wide range of people who are all training with me for completely different reasons. I always like to meet my clients for an initial consultation, sometimes we go for a coffee and a chat, we do a little taster workout free of charge and everybody I meet fills out my questionnaire. This helps me get to know my clients better and understand what they want from personal training. It also allows them to meet me and see if they want to take me on as their trainer.

It is important not to forget there is no one-size-fits in personal training.


I find it fascinating seeing what motivates people to get started with exercise. Motivation also plays an important role in getting people to work harder whilst they training. Some people like numbers, others like time, and some want to build on numbers of reps or the amount they’re doing overall. Some clients would rather not know, for them knowing too much makes things feel too difficult. For some clients it is about nailing that one move that has taken months to master.

During the first few sessions I like to figure out what style of training they respond best and use this as a guide for how I structure their PT sessions with me going forward.

Making Progress

Whether it’s nailing a move, being less out of breath, managing more reps, building #gainz or dropping a dress size. It all counts and it all should be celebrated. It is important in my job as the trainer to notice the small improvements and make sure my clients know they’re doing a great job. There is no better feeling than giving positive feedback and seeing the response you get back.

Creating Workouts

When you have such a wide range of clients it is so much fun planning their workouts for the week ahead. Every Sunday I sit down and dedicate time to planning my personal training sessions for the week. This gives me a really clear record of where my client started and how much progress they are making. It allows me to create constant overload in weight training, to increase resistance, rep range and timings.

Workouts should always be that balance between challenging a client and playing to their strengths. Knowing how far you can push someone is really important when you’re building confidence and trying out new exercises. No two people train or change the same.

Encouraging Change

My role in someone’s fitness journey is actually really small. I’m only there once a week and really the results come from my clients own choices and input. Sometimes I give homework, even if that is just to go for 45 minute walks twice a week. I like to share simple HIIT workouts they can do at home or short yoga routines that will help with general mobility or target issues.

If we use something in a session, like resistance bands or I show them a stretch routine, I will always let them know where they can get their own or share the routines so they can improve outside of my time with them.

Another great way to motivate your clients is to challenge them to a step count challenge on FitBit a day before your session. Bragging rights are everything and we all know deep down we’re secretly competitive… if we think we can win.


In personal training (and the fitness industry in general) most professionals will tell you that you should never stop learning. There are so many great PT’s out there that I work alongside, train with and know virtually. Learning from people who’ve been training for years, who approach fitness differently and are willing to share their knowledge is invaluable.

Knowledge as a personal trainer is definitely power.

There are so many more reasons why I love my job as a personal trainer. If you’re considering a career change, or a PT – get in touch!

Happy #InternationalDayOfHappiness everyone!

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