What to Expect From Personal Training

Personal Trainers can be a bit of an unknown entity to people and that most definitely puts some of you off. It seems that loads of people these days are PT’s and it’s difficult to know who is good and who the right trainer for you is.

Social media is really great for making fitness more accessible to people but it has also created a generation of fitness ‘experts’ with absolutely no qualifications. If you’re going to pay money out for a personal trainer or an online trainer or any kind of plan – make sure they have the credentials.

It is worrying for those of us who paid thousands of pounds to train to see others diluting the industry.

A Personal Trainer should be level 3 qualified as a minimum. Level 2 Fitness Instructors can run gym classes and inductions on the gym floor but are not qualified personal trainers.


Don’t expect every personal trainer to know absolutely everything. Do expect that they will go away and research things for you and be willing to ask other professionals for advice and guidance to help you out.

Many PT’s decide to focus on one element of fitness like sports conditioning, pre and post-natal or exercise referral for example. If you’re working towards something specific make sure your trainer is confident in delivering the type of training you’re looking for.

Decent PT’s really never stop learning, I know people in the industry who’ve been working for 20 years and still attend courses and training and learn new skills.

Focused on You

Every session should be planned, tailored and focused on you. Your goals, your energy levels, your mood, likes and dislikes. Personal training isn’t about doing what your PT does. If you hate something or want a different style of session or aren’t motivated by sets and reps then tell your trainer and they’ll adapt the sessions for you. If they won’t – get rid.

My clients are all motivated completely differently, they want different things and want to train in different ways. It is important you feel listened to and get what you want, you’re paying for a service at the end of the day.


Lateness really upsets me and anybody who considers themselves professional in personal training will tell you the same. We’re constantly juggling around client’s sessions and trying to be as flexible as we can whilst making the best use of the time we do have. A consistently late trainer is not ok.


There is only so much we can give clients during a training session, outside of that you’re expecting an awful lot from your clients in terms of their own exercise. It is common that trainers will provide additional workouts, mobility or stretch routines that are straight forward to follow and can be done either at the gym or at home.

There are some fantastic workouts online but again do make sure that whoever it is has the right qualifications. If you want any suggestions just drop me a line.

Taster Sessions

Either complimentary or for a reduced fee. It is a great opportunity for the trainer and the client to meet and for you to get a feel for their style of training before you sign up for any block bookings. These are also a great way for the trainer to see what you’re motivated by, your current fitness levels and your form. Then when you do book in we know what we need to work on and can programme your workouts around this.

Diet Plans?

This is a really grey area that I am definitely not comfortable with. If your PT is a qualified nutritionist they should have a degree or postgraduate qualification and registered with the Association for Nutrition.

If they’re not, in my option they should not be giving nutritional advice or writing out meal and diet plans for you. Please do check before you take any advice or buy any online plans or programmes that the person giving the advice is qualified. There are some brilliant nutritionists online with blogs and books with really helpful and safe advice.

For anybody looking at having a personal trainer I hope you found this blog post useful. It is important you are completely honest about what you want and expect from the sessions. The more you can open up to your PT the more they can deliver what you’re looking for and get you best results.