Here is the second post in my #WEEKENDWALKING series. For those of you who haven't read my blog before or had a nosey on my social media, I am a little bit obsessed with walking and being outdoors. Especially if it involves dogs and/or my other half.

This post is all about Llangollen.

Llangollen is in North-East Wales, about an hour and twenty minute drive from Manchester. It is situated on the River Dee and on the edge of the Berwyn mountains. It offers some stunning views and the Castell Dinas Brân a 13th century medieval Castle ruins you can walk around, assuming you've got enough enthusiasm to make it to the top.

The views are immense and if the weather holds the Castle ruins are the perfect place to have a picnic. The incline to the top is not to be underestimated, this is a decent workout for the legs.

Make sure you nip to the loo before you set off, there are toilets at the train station which isn't far from the start of the walk anyway. There are a few routes you can take once you set off, depending on how much time you have. The town itself is also really lovely with plenty of places for a decent coffee, ice cream or home made fudge.

Llangollen has a special place in my heart, it's where me and my other half went on our second date. I was horribly hungover from our boozy first date and had I known this was going to be a proper hike and not just an opportunity to scope each other out in daylight to confirm we fancied each other. I may have passed.

I sweated out pure alcohol that day. Attractive.

You can expect to see tonnes of sheep, dogs and horses on this walk. The drive is worth the views and if that doesn't impress you then their millionaire shortbread fudge certainly will.

Parking can be tough depending on the weather, there are long and short stay car parks which are pretty easy to find in the town itself. As with all popular places, the earlier you get there on a gloriously sunny weekend, the better.

I love it here, the views are great, the people are nice and the memories I have of my BF singing Michael Bolton driving out of the car park on our second date at the top of his voice will always amuse me.

Views: 9/10

Difficulty: 8/10

Weather: 5/10 (it does seem to have its own weather system)

Parking: 6/10 (at least 3 decent car parks on offer)

Journey Time: 6/10

Loos: 5/10 Train Station / Canal Side (I've seen worse)

Check out Llangollen here.


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