Freelance Diary - Week 1

So last week I told you all that after 10 years I had finally decided to take a massive leap of faith from my full time office job into personal training. I was terrified. In some ways I still am.

I thought perhaps it would be good for anybody considering doing the same thing to know what it is like going freelance for the first time and also something for me to look back on in a few months once the dust has settled to see how far I've come.

Monday was exceptionally busy but that was mainly due to the fact that I had a Foo Fighters gig on Tuesday and had managed to work a load of clients in around one another on that first day - 6 to be exact. I also had a brand new client in for a taster session that day. It was good, it actually made the day go really fast and meant I felt productive and didn't really have the time to sit and dwell too much.

Tuesday and Wednesday really felt like I was just on leave from both jobs to be honest with you. It was nice, after months of working two jobs and silly hour weeks it was much needed to have a few beers with my old man and not think about squats or lunges for a few hours.

The rest of the week really went by in a bit of a blur, the odd client and meeting, lots of coffee and sunshine were the highlights really. Friday brought the week to a close with 4 PT sessions including a brand new gym client at M20.

As first weeks go, 13 personal training sessions in total really wasn't bad going. Between general life admin which had been neglected for some time, PT planning and diary management as well as trying to squeeze in seeing some of my friends - it was a pretty full week.

I do still think there is part of me that feels like I'm just on annual leave and that I'll be going back to work eventually. I'm not sure at what point that feeling wears off?

In terms of building the business, so far so good. I'm really not trying to spend too much time thinking about that side of things and just being as proactive as I can to build the business week by week. The entire reason I saved all my PT earnings up to this point was to give me some breathing space and take some of the financial pressure off in the early stages.

All in all, I have really enjoyed myself so far. Although I miss my desk buddies (a lot) I find I'm scarily productive at home when left to my own devices. The days definitely don't drag and I'm sort of getting used to those midday gaps between clients. The weather has helped - not gonna lie! I mean what a time to pick going freelance right when the heatwave lands... winning.

There are definitely more ups and downs to come but I think if you can trust in the process, know you're on the right path and work hard enough to overcome the hurdles. Anything is possible if you have the balls to go freelance.

Going to keep this going as a weekly update I think - let me know if you have any questions or want any advice on the new and scary world of freelancing.

Or if you're freelance and fancy a cuppa - HIT ME UP. I need more freelance buddies in my life.


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