Freelance Diary - Week 2

So the irony of looking forward to being freelance and being able to spend more time and make more effort into your blog is when you're already half way through week 3 and you haven't yet done your week 2 blog post update. Soz. Rubbish blogger.

So here goes, last week feels like it actually flew by. I still don't know how we can be in July already. The weather has been insane and I definitely have some of that freelancer smugness going on because let's face it I really couldn't have picked a better time to decide to do this freelance lark.

PT wise I had 13 bookings in the diary and after one last minute cancellation due to car trouble and one no-show to a taster session, I finished the week at 11. Not too shabby at all. I think the nerves around sessions being booked in and new client bookings have started to settle a little now. During this week I had 4 new clients get in touch and taster sessions booked in for the following week. It has really felt like things are starting to pick up pace a little bit.

My routine so far has been OK, the weather does make me more inclined to bunk off blogging and work related duties but I'm also trying to strike that balance that allows me to actually enjoy some of the day and the good weather around my sessions. One of the things I really noticed this week was how long some of the breaks in the day between sessions can be. I think moving forward it will be really important for me to feel like I make good use out of this time (by blogging more - perhaps).

Training has been on the up and oddly I have lost weight since I left the 9-5, early days so there is still plenty of opportunity to pile that back on. Ice cream anyone? I do however long for the treats on my pod of desks at work, daily.

Week 3 is in full swing and already a lot has happened and the business has seen another wave of new clients which I am really excited to tell you all about. Best save that for the next post otherwise I will have absolutely chuff all to talk about.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen an increase in stories, I am still massively uncomfortable in the online world of the fitness professional but am doing my best to try and put both feet in and give it a proper go. I also want to make sure that this stays as something which I enjoy and doesn't become something that detracts away from personal training.

In terms of my sessions, I have loved having more time to plan well organised and good quality sessions for my clients. I'm going to continue to use Sunday as my PT planning day so that my week is in order before any last minute changes, bookings and tasters come in. It is also helping me to be much more creative in the exercising and movements I'm using and I really hope that this continues.

I think in a nutshell that summaries where I'm up to with everything right now, I genuinely hope this is helpful to any personal trainers or freelancers out there and for anyone who's considering this type of career. I am still very much in the honeymoon period and I'm really interested to see how things feel in another 6 months.

Any questions or anything I can help with just drop me a line. For anybody who's offered a coffee I'll be hounding you for dates in the diary asap.

Big love, hope you're enjoying the sunshine.


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