Freelance Diary - Week 3

So week 3 - how fast has that gone? Another week of freelance under my belt and another week of absolutely scorching weather. I really am the smugest of smug people. This week has been busy, this is definitely a peak week and I expect next week to be a little on the calmer side. It has been great though don't get me wrong - busy is good.

So a quick snapshot. 18 sessions in total. That is definitely a new record for me! I had 4 taster sessions with new clients, 3 of those were gym based and one was for outdoor PT. Monday was by far my busiest day with 6 sessions in the diary on a day that started at 6.00am and finished at 9.15pm. Epic. Funnily enough I really don't mind the hours, I wonder when/if the novelty ever wears off?

I have to say the heat is difficult to train in at times and especially so as the day goes on. Clients are really struggling in the heat but as of yet nobody has bailed on me and thankfully I've always been able to find some shade to make the sessions more bearable. The gym hasn't been much cooler mind and this has meant a lot of tweaks and changes to everyone's sessions to make them more enjoyable.

Training wise for me, I've been pretty on it this week and managed to fit 6 sessions in. I am hoping next week to have a little bit more structure to my workouts. I went to Decathlon this week to get some more weights so that I have a better range to workout with. I'll be updating my sessions on Instagram throughout the week so if anybody is looking for workout inspiration check out my posts/stories weights_wine.

Social media wise, still definitely just dipping my toe in. So far I have at least managed to post pretty much daily on each of the platforms but Instagram stories and workout videos still scare me quite a lot. Next week I am going to try and be a big girl and just go for it.

One thing I noticed this week is I get itchy feet being in the house for too long even when I'm working. Next week I'm going to try and head out a little more and see if that helps. I'm fortunate enough to have a BF who is also freelance and so we get to do annoyingly cute things like go on breakfast dates in the middle of the week. However, sometimes when he goes out to work I can have hours of time to fill and I think I might manage that better if I head out to work remotely from a coffee shop or head into Manchester for a few hours.

All in all, very little to complain about in life right now. The sessions are going well and I still don't feel that in this early stage I have too much to worry about in terms of numbers and new business. I'm sure over the next few weeks while some of my regulars are away I might feel a little more uncertain about it but also trying to accept there will be weeks where things just are a little quieter and that's OK.

Keep your eyes peeled for me potentially having a massive online wobble next week after saying all of that.

Hope these are still at least mildly interesting to anyone who takes the time to read them. Thank you if you do. I massively appreciate all the love and support I've had from everyone in both the real and virtual world since I took this leap of faith. You've all been nothing but lovely and I am very grateful to you all for that.

Until next week - YOLO x

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