Freelance Diary - Week 4

It is at this moment I can actually sit here and say how on earth has it been a month already? These first four weeks of self employment have absolutely flown. Safe to say I haven't done even a quarter of the things that I said I would do "when I'm freelance" - oh there were so many ideas and plans. That isn't to say they are off the cards all together but the reality is, I've actually been quite busy.

I'll also note here we've had quite the epic heatwave - there may have been some general bunking off and sunbathing which also took place during these first 4 weeks.

So - Week 4. In total I had 12 sessions in the diary, I ended up with one cancellation and of those I had 2 clients booked in for their very first sessions and one taster session. It was a good week, 2 days left me completely p*ss wet through thanks to my terrible planning and ignorance towards the weather forecast and one complete and utter chuck it down session. That's not bad going getting rained on two sessions out of 50. I'll take that. On the upside my taster session booked in.

In other good news I also got the results back from my pre and post natal exam which I passed! Yippee! Now all that stands between me and training clients is actually sending off the paperwork to get passed. I am really excited about this, it is an area of fitness that I'd love to get into and have as something which I really start to focus on.

Exercise wise - still actually pretty on the ball with it. I have started to plan in the times of my workouts but not necessarily what I'm doing so that I'm more inclined to train intuitively and not force myself into workouts I'm just not feeling. I'm still very much aiming to have 5 days out of 7 where I am doing some kind of exercise. I do need to be more structured in my weight training and so the plan next week is to have workouts in mind that I can do on the day I feel like chucking some weights around.

I can definitely see and feel a difference in myself, I also have a lot less back ache and feel generally less tired these days.

Session planning I feel like I'm on top of now, I've started using session templates for all my clients both gym based at M20 and park based. The time I have now is great to really look at what I want to work on with each client and making sure I'm constantly making tweaks and keeping the sessions challenging. I know some PT's like to use similar or the same session plans for all clients to save time but for me that just doesn't seem good enough when people are paying you money. I want every session to be different and every session to be specific to the person standing in front of me. That's my job.

Another thing I have started to introduce is reviews for clients. Just a really simple overview of what improvements we've made together during a set block of sessions. These have been great ways of showing clients just how far they have come and how much progress they are making each week. It also demonstrates to me that I am ensuring we are working on progressive overload week on week.

I can also say that at week 4 that sense of being on holiday is starting to fade - slowly. I think perhaps now more than ever the decision I have made has started to be real. The money side of things is starting to play out and I'm much more aware of how much I stand to earn week on week. That isn't to say that things are going badly, but my brain is now starting to switch on to personal training and Weights & Wine being my business. A business I want to grow.

In other news, me and the BF celebrated our one year anniversary at the weekend. We headed off to the seaside for a couple of days, drank beer and coffee, walked along the seafront, dipped toes in the sea and snoozed on the sand. It was bliss. A much needed bit of time for both of us away from two very busy and challenging new businesses that we're setting up. A holiday is looking very unlikely this year but we're hoping for another #minibreak over Christmas.

I guess that's me - week 4 and another horribly late blog post. It is only Tuesday though so give a girl a break.

A few people have contacted me to say they have found the post helpful and encouraging etc. That means a lot so thank you. I do appreciate every single person who bothers to read my freelance ramblings.

Any questions as ever - shout.

I actually managed to meet a friend for a coffee this week - making it my mission to fit more of these in!

Have a good one guys x

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