Freelance Diary: Week 5

Week 5 - Can I now fully say that I am a full time freelance personal trainer? I guess I can. That holiday feeling is long gone and the most noticeable thing about being my own boss and working really random hours and days across the week is that days have lost their meaning. Monday morning dread is no more, Tuesdays no longer feel like the worst day of the week, I no longer live for Friday at 4pm. It is very strange. I didn't realise how much I broke down my weeks into better and worse days until now.

So what did week 5 have in store for me. In total I had 14 sessions in the diary and bar a flat tyre which took me down to 13, all other sessions went ahead as planned. I had six gym based sessions and and seven outdoor sessions. The weather was a little cooler this week which I think all my clients will tell you was a good thing for our sessions. It was good to feel a little busier this week after a mini slump (and I really do mean mini) left me maybe a little deflated last week.

In other news if you follow me on Instagram @weights_wine you'll have seen that as promised I've now started to include some more fitness related hints and tips content to my posts. I think it's really important for me to start upping my game and really bringing some fitness value to the content I am sharing. Selfies are all well and good but actually my job as a PT is to help make fitness more accessible for people.

You may also have seen some of my posts about our brand new airdyne bike. It is a thing of actual terror. I mean I love it in a brutal cardio kind of way but - wow - it is hard going. It is a great addition to our home gym though and I am super excited to be able to include it in my training. Working out at home is a real life saver for me sometimes when I have short breaks between sessions that mean I can get a decent workout in without having to get myself to a gym. The workouts are still happening which is good, I did wonder if the initial enthusiasm would wear off but we'll come back to that in 6 months time hey!

I also ventured back into the big bad city this week and managed to catch up with a few of my old work colleagues. It was so nice to take a little break away from PT and do a little bit of remote working. Working from home is a little bit cabin fever inducing at times. It was lovely to see some of the guys from work, I really do miss them. I can't stress enough how strange it can feel not having people to interact with during the day. I'm lucky in personal training that I am often seeing clients throughout the day but if I was just at home I can imagine that would feel quite lonely.

This week I also managed to dedicate some time to my website. This has been on my list to get done for a while now but always seems to be on the back burner. There is still lots to do but it felt good to dedicate some time to this and freshen the site up a bit. Go have a click around and check it out.

The only other news to report is that this weekend I helped out at a Pilates assessment. I participated in three different assessment classes which was actually really good fun. I have never done a Pilates class before so I was probably the best person to go along and be taught. I was there also because the BF had his assessment and passed with flying colours. Which, of course, I knew he would. Super proud GF.

In a nutshell - that was week 5. Week 6 is looking busy already so no doubt a tonne of stuff to tell you guys about.

Hope you all have great weeks. To anybody sticking with me and reading these THANK YOU. I do appreciate it.


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