Freelance Diary - Week 6

So I am now six weeks in to what has been a flipping awesome start to my freelance career. In all the personal training sessions I've had I think I've been rained on 3 times. THREE TIMES. This is Manchester for goodness sake. I am loving it, keep up the good work Mr Sunshine.

Recap of week six for you then, I had a total of 16 sessions in the diary and all of those went ahead this week which is brilliant. I had one client back from holiday and two existing clients renew which is great news. I have clients booked in for sessions up to the end of September now, this is also making me realise how quickly Christmas is going to come around and I'm going to need to dig out my fleece and thermals.

I get asked a lot if I have certain days of the week which are busy. The answer so far is that this changes weekly. I do tend to have that one day which is busier than others and this week it was Monday where I had 6 sessions in. Next week my Wednesday looks busier. I suppose in time things will settle into more of a routine but seeing as we have hit the school holidays and holiday season I think things will just be a little bit all over the place for a while yet.

For any of you who are following me on Instagram you may have seen that the lovely folk over at Lean Greens sent me over some of their greens supplement to try. I have dabbled with greens in the past but never found anything that didn't taste completely gross. If you've ever tried a greens powder in a smoothie or with water and had to try and get that chalky grossness down you - you'll know where I'm coming from with this. I have to say I am massively impressed with Lean Greens, mixed with protein powder you can hardly taste it and it was also completely inoffensive in water. Which frankly I didn't think was possible from a greens powder.

Seeing as I have had such a great experience with them I have decided I'll do a post just on Lean Greens and show you some ways you can add it to smoothies and protein smoothie bowls. I have also just joined an affiliate partnership with them (they impressed me that much) so I can offer you guys a 10% reduction using my code WNW10.

In other news my training was a bit hit and miss this week and thinking about it I am not entirely sure why. I'll be making a conscious effort to try and increase both my cardio and weight sessions again as I have another shoot with the lovely @ruggedwisdom coming up that I'd like to be feeling my best for in September. Training wise at the moment I am attempting to get some form of exercise in 5 days out of 7.

So I also thought I would do a round up of things I have realised since becoming a freelance personal trainer which I guess will apply to anybody venturing into the freelance world with a few PT specific ones in there.

1. It is the first time in my 12 years as a working human that I have ever sat and had a proper lunch time meal not at a desk. I can't recommend it enough.

2. Naps are ok, in fact as the week goes on they become essential.

3. Without the Nespresso coffee machine my lovely work colleagues got me as my leaving gift I may well have spent all my savings already.

4. Don't stay in the house all day, it gives you cabin fever and makes being at home less enjoyable.

5. Switch off social media as and when you can. I am saying this whilst openly admitting I don't do it enough but have started to go for quick 20 minute walks without my phone. You can't be on all the time.

6. Sports bras are way more comfy than normal bras.

7. Keep on track with those freelance finances, even after a week it builds up and feels a little out of control.

8. Remote working - as and when you can is the best thing to help break up the day and the week and keep you productive.

There are a whole heap more of other things that I could tell you but after 6 weeks of these posts I am genuinely concerned one day I might run out of random things to tell you all in here.

Onward to week seven.

Hope everyone is good, still miss my work buddies - love you guys.


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