Freelance Diary - Week 7

Here's the week SEVEN freelance diary update, I cannot believe how quickly the weeks seem to be going by. Every time I book clients in for sessions I say the same two things. 1. How are we in August already? 2. It'll be Christmas before we know it. It makes me almost as annoying as the people who ask a taxi driver if he's been busy.

So this week I had 17 sessions booked into the diary including a brand new M20 client who was in for a taster session. Ended the week on 14 after 3 cancellations towards the end of the week. You win some you lose some. It was difficult not to feel a big negative with myself about dropping sessions but it's an important part of being freelance and something I will have to learn to adapt to.

I also had a major social media wobble this week, I'm not sure why but I felt like I lost my confidence with the content side of things. I think because I have been spending more time on social media I am seeing all the amazing things people are producing and it made me question why I'm bothering. It is tough putting yourself out there when you're not 100% comfortable with yourself or your abilities as a personal trainer. This is something that I think was going to be inevitable once I started engaging with this side of things more.

I've decided that it is an important thing for me to do and something that will hopefully help me grow and become a better trainer and provide better content for my followers and clients. The plan is to hit the ground running again next week and keep exploring the content out there which I am really enjoying. Take inspiration from the good stuff I'm seeing and have a bit more belief in what I am putting out there myself.

Also watched a brilliant Ted Talks on YouTube that you need to watch - click here.

This week I also went along as a pair of feet for the BF's Reflexology assessment. I have never been a fan of someone touching my feet this has been a long process and after lots of practice I can actually say I really enjoy it now. The assessment was great, a full 45 minute treatment and I'm always really impressed with what they can pick up from the feet and how certain pressure points map parts of the body. BF also passed so it was a good day all round. If you've never tried it I genuinely would recommend it.

On Friday I spent the afternoon in Manchester with my mum checking out the Bee In The City and generally catching up. It was lovely, the weather was nice and I always enjoy being able to spend some time with my mum which we definitely don't do enough. If you haven't seen any of Bee In The City you should definitely check it out.

Saturday was possibly the most relaxing day I've had since going freelance. The BF and I went to meet up with a very good friend of mine KJ at Lyme Park to have some early 40th Birthday celebrations with him. It was lovely, the weather was gorgeous and all in all we spent about 8 hours there walking and exploring the house and gardens and having a picnic. We've been a few times before but I don't think we ever really appreciated how vast it is and how much there is to do. We walked 11 miles over the day.

When I bought our National Trust membership I knew we would get good use out of it, we both love walking and being outdoors so it just made sense. I'd say now we are both freelance we use it more than ever. If we have a couple of hours free in the day together we're constantly jumping in the car and heading off. I can't recommend it enough. It is so easy when you are running your own business to feel pressure to be working and be "on" all day every day. It is exhausting. Can't begin to tell you how important it is to switch off and enjoy some down time without feeling guilty about it.

Saturday night ended up with a few too many pints down the pub and some sambuca. I don't think the evening needs any further explanation. Safe to say I am writing this post with one heck of a hangover.

So there you have it, seven weeks of freelance under my belt and feeling that things are ticking over nicely into week eight and the start of the summer holidays.

I hope if you're reading this and you're considering the freelance way of life my advice would always be to go for it. Regardless of the highs and lows, I haven't once looked back and felt I made the wrong decision.

Big love for the week ahead - YOLO.

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