Freelance Blog Post - Week 8

Oh my goodness me - I have been Freelance for 2 whole months and I haven't spent all the money I saved yet. Thank god for that! I mean, it was a worry. When you're considering going freelance and you think well I will put some money aside for bills and stuff but hopefully it will be OK. There is a genuine part of your brain that thinks this might not work, that money may just get spent in the first few weeks.

So week 8 - I had 17 scheduled sessions in the diary but ended the week on 13. In some ways I feel like this week had to happen. I have been going at the new business hard day in day out. I think I pushed myself far too hard in these first few weeks and I burnt myself out. This week I have been fighting something off, got myself a very attractive cold sore and had to admit defeat. The last 3 days have been lots of fluid, treats and naps. It is very unusual for me to get ill, it was actually a bit of a running joke in my old office job.

I decided this weekend to take the weekend off social media. I know my body and my brain needs a little bit of time off. I love the social media world but I do have that nasty habit of feeling guilty for not doing something all of the time. It is exhausting. I know a lot of what you see and hear is hot air anyway but it was something I felt I just didn't need this weekend. I have had a detox. Feels amazing.

The other thing I have noticed having a bit of time off to chill my beans is how excited I am again for next week. It looks busier again which is great so I know I want to be back on my game for everybody. I'm also kinda looking forward to being back in the social media world again too now I've had a few days without the noise.

In other news I'm still working away at the website to keep making changes and improvements. I'll chuck in some screen grabs so you can see what I've been up to

I have now also completed my pre and post natal course so am fully qualified now to take on pregnant and new mum's! I am really excited about this, it is an area of the fitness industry I feel really passionately about and I see so many new mum's and mum's to be struggle with what they can and can't do. I am hoping also to do some work with some of the lovely mum bloggers out there so if you're interested just drop me a line.

Have also felt more inspired with my blogging generally over the last few weeks, my last post was all about why people find getting fit so difficult. It was inspired by a brilliant TED Talks which I am completely obsessed with now I'm freelance. The idea behind it was that fitness is much easier once you can understand what the term means to you. If you fancy giving it a read click here. I will be making a conscious effort to increase the amount of fitness content on my website over the next few weeks whilst I keep up with my weekly freelance blog.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be looking at how I can promote and publicise my newest qualifications and hopefully get some more pre and post natal clients on board with Weights & Wine. The business side of things is still ticking over nicely, an additional 5 clients would make things a little more consistent over holiday periods etc. I am by no means twiddling my thumbs mind you. The PT planning is keeping me more than busy every Sunday morning. I am also yet to explore the possibilities with group training in Didsbury. Another one for the list.

So that in a nutshell is me for week 8. A bit run down and taking some much needed time for self care but still really enjoying my new career and lifestyle that has come with it. I have a new workout regime starting next week which I am planning to follow for around 4 weeks to see what I can achieve so I'll keep you all updated with that on the blog and also on my social media.

Big love to you all - I hear there's lurgie going around the offices right now too, nasty stuff.

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