Freelance Blog Post - Week 9

So officially over 2 months in living what has truly been the freelance dream. I don't think any outdoor PT could complain or even look mildly disappointed having the first 8 weeks of your new career and it is literally cracking the flags every day. I will look back on these days over winter fondly - I promise.

So week 9 promised to be busy AF. I had 21 sessions booked in the diary and after one cancellation for a client who was too sore to train twice this week it still ended on a frickin awesome 20 sessions for the week. That is a record for me. I was well happy. I was also feeling back up to full strength after I got pretty burned out the week previous.

I had another taster in at M20 which went really well and has converted into another weekly client which is great. I still get pretty nervous when I meet clients for the first time which is silly really. I am always a bit too eager to make a good first impression but I think it is so important to allow clients a taster session to meet you before they commit to sessions up front. I'd recommend for any PT in the industry if you're starting out to do the same.

This week I also managed to catch up with one of my besties in Manchester and went on a small shopping spree. It was so nice to meet up and have a glass of wine in the middle of the day. I could have happily stayed out for the rest of the day drinking wine and just catching up. We went to Veeno who have a cracking lunch offer for a Panini and a glass of wine - you can upgrade your wine to a large for an extra £1!! (who doesn't love that)

Training wise I managed to fit in workouts 5 days out of 7 and on Saturday we went on a brilliant hike in Llangollen in North Wales for a few hours. The weather was a bit mixed but it was just nice to get out and stretch our legs. One of my friends off my PT course invited me to a workweek hustle on FitBit with a group of her mates. I ended the week on over 113,000 steps. It still impresses me just how many steps I can get through in a week walking between sessions.

Now next week is shaping up to be much quieter, I have around 6 of my regular clients who are away on holiday, making the most of the end of the school holidays. I am going to try and use the free time to exercise and build up a stock of content to see me through those busy weeks. I have planned myself a 6 day workout which I'm planning to follow again, it includes 3 days of weights workouts and 2 days METCON. If you haven't heard the term before it stands for metabolic conditioning. Essentially these are HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts with short bursts of intense work and short rest periods.

I have been putting out some of the photographs I had from my first fitness shoot with @ruggedwisdom as we're due a shoot again in September which I am really looking forward to. These images have reminded me of just how far I have come since qualifying as a personal trainer and taking on clients part time. I'm really proud of where my business Weights & Wine is right now and excited to see what might happen in the future.

Truth be told, I thought perhaps at this stage the reality of leaving a 9-5 and going freelance would have come to knock the giddiness out of me a little. That really hasn't happened. I mean it isn't all roses and there have been a few ups and downs. There are lessons to be learnt when clients cancel or can't make sessions. It is also sometimes tough to motivate yourself to start days early and end days late. Those 5am alarms don't get much easier no matter how much you love your job.

There are limits to set with yourself more importantly. Time to be switched off from it all. It is difficult not to be on your phone 24/7 trying to make sure you respond to clients, update social media and respond to any queries for PT's. However, that time off is so important. It's hard not to feel indulgent giving time to yourself. Even an extra hour in bed somehow feels like you're being lazy and unproductive. It's madness. As a freelancer you're definitely your hardest critic. Remember to be kind to yourself - you're entitled to a break too.

However your week is shaping up, I hope it's a good one.

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