Freelance Blog Post - Weeks 10 & 11

I know I know, I'm slacking big time on the blogging front, just like I promised that I wouldn't. The worst thing is I can't even blame it on being really busy. In fact the last two weeks have been pretty much the opposite and I guess in part this is why I haven't had that much to update you all on.

So week 10 goes down as my slowest since I went freelance. However, everybody I know in the personal training industry has told me this is across the board and everybody has been feeling the pinch. It seems everybody is away over August and specifically the last 2 weeks of the school holidays is very quiet. I have also been told to enjoy this time as it doesn't last and I can expect to be kept busy from September on wards.

I really have taken that advice. I have spent time with my brother and my niece and nephew. I had a spa day. I've been to so many National Trust places I have lost count. I have consumed so much coffee it is unreal. The only down side is that there still hasn't been much time to catch up with friends as the clients who were still training had mainly evening sessions in.

Week 11 - now things did pick up last week. I had 18 sessions in the diary and ended the week on 17 after a no-show. Much better. I also had two taster sessions in that week, one for outdoor sessions and one at M20. Both have converted and start training next week - winning!

All in all this has given me some time to think about where I see the business going and growing in the future and there are some very exciting plans ahead. Obvs can't tell you all too much just yet but you know, it'll be worth the wait and all that.

What I have managed to keep on top of is my training, for the most part I am sticking to around 4/5 training sessions a week. I'm currently doing a mix of cardio and resistance training and I'm playing around with some different styles of workout to find what works best for me. Deciding what to train and how to train can be just as overwhelming for the PT sometimes! The positive side of this is I am actually starting to see some real changes happening in terms of strength. I am honestly so happy about this.

The plan for the next few weeks and leading into my next shoot with @ruggedwisdom is just to stay consistent with my training plan. I'm not going to change things up too much over the next couple of weeks to give my body chance to see some results. It is the hardest thing we sell to clients - being consistent. So important to practice what you preach and not get over excited with all the possibilities there are with training.

If you're ever doubting whether progress can happen and if it's worth staying consistent in your training just check out my picture below. Those arms have been a solid year in the making and I could not be happier with the definition I am now starting to see.

It does take time but it is worth it. I promise.

Now onto week 12, looks like it'll be a busy one with 19 sessions confirmed in the diary and a new client in for a taster session. Excited to get stuck back into PT again after my chilled out couple of weeks.

If you're heading back to work / school after the Summer holidays then I wish you the best of luck. Christmas is fast approaching - let's do this!

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