Freelance Blog Post - Week 12

This blog post marks the official 3 month mark as a freelance personal trainer. Safe to say the time has absolutely flown by.

Here is what I have learnt in my first 3 months self employed.

1. You think you'll have loads of time to do everything you wanted to do that you couldn't do when you were working full time. You wont. The days go just as fast and those to-do lists sometimes never get looked at.

2. Planning is key. I have a weekly planner that I use to organise my entire life. As a PT no two weeks ever really run the same and having everything down in front of you helps massively. Never deviate from the plan.

3. You have to make the most of the down time. Unfortunately now you've kissed goodbye to those evenings and weekends the few hours in the middle of the day become so important. Don't waste them.

4. Do your finances weekly otherwise they just become a massive pain in the backside.

5. Cancellations hurt. I never really fixated on cancelled sessions too much when I was working full time but when PT becomes your sole income then missed sessions are a big deal financially. Last week I had 5 - those add up big time! Stand firm by your cancellation policy and try not to feel guilty about charging for your time.

6. Cabin fever is real. Make sure you arrange blocks of time out of the house and away from the laptop.

7. Buy a coffee machine. It is the best thing in my life most weeks. Bar the BF.

8. Make the best use of your time with sessions and scheduling. Where possible try and run sessions back to back in the same location. Clients will be as flexible as they can when you give them enough notice.

9. Schedule in your own training - otherwise it doesn't happen.

10. Procrastination is so much easier when you work for yourself from home. I often set my alarm on my phone to remind me of what I should be doing so that online browsing doesn't take over and before you know it hours have passed.

There is so much more I have picked up already on this journey. What I will say is that for all the highs and the lows I've had I do still really enjoy personal training and I am certain that this is the right path for me in my life and career right now.

Week 12 also brought me two new clients for taster sessions, both have now signed up to train with me at M20 personal training - which is ace! I now have just over 20 clients training with me which feels pretty incredible to say out loud.

Now the school holidays are over and clients are all starting to return gradually from their breaks and getting back into usual routines at work I am hoping to see things pick up in the lead up to Christmas.

I spent this weekend in Anglesey with my boyfriend, the in-laws and the dogs. It was a much needed and well earned break for us both. We got lucky with the weather on Sunday and managed a lovely coastal walk with the dogs for a couple of hours. It was so nice to be away from it all for a couple of days, drink wine, eat cake and be off social media.

So here is to week 13, I hope these blogs are still useful and if any personal trainers or anybody considering going freelance has any questions just drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to give you any advice or answer any questions you might have about taking that leap from full time work. It is scary but I can now say it is worth it.

Remember - YOLO.

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