Freelance Blog Post - Week 13

Week 13 - I feel like some comment regarding luck would be appropriate here but I've never much believed in that. I am firmly in the camp of you work hard to get the things you want in life. It always feels sweeter when you've worked for it rather than handed it right?

So here we are, 13 weeks and still going strong. The clients haven't all disappeared and left me and the money hasn't dried up yet. It still blows my mind when I stop and think that just 13 weeks ago I walked away from a 10 year career to start up my own business personal training. Emma a few years back would never have dared to dream this would be possible or that I'd be brave enough to take that leap.

But I did and here I am. I could not be happier.

15 sessions in the diary last week, including getting one of my clients back after 4 weeks away. I also had one of my new clients in for her first full session with me over at M20. It was a good week. Block booking and organising my diary into 'outdoor' and 'gym' based days is working much better for me. It's allowing me to get more sessions in at peak times and make sure my clients get better availability.

In terms of my own training, this is still a little bit all over the place. I've been making a conscious effort to try and get time in the gym to train at least a couple of sessions a week. This is also much needed time out of the house on those slower days. My morning walks are back, come rain or shine. I forgot how much my head needed these. I do bang on about the benefits of walking all the time to essentially anybody who will listen (you included - you're welcome)

I had a really emotional and low end to the week. Thanks very much hormones. I essentially cried at anything and everything whilst my BF looked at me like I might be broken for good. After some chocolate and doughnuts and Bridget Jones 2 on Netflix - everything was OK again. Days like that blow my mind when you just can't get on top of how you feel and it just overwhelms you.

Next week looks decent again, I also have a new project to get stuck into which is making me very excited. There will be lots of remote working in coffee shops and endless days of my head in a book. The nerd in me is ecstatic.

If, like me, you thoroughly enjoyed all of the macros and calories this weekend (to be frank I started on Thursday) then don't stress. Start this week as a new week. Forget what happened and don't punish yourself for it. Starving yourself this week isn't going to undo what you already ate.

Want to start the week feeling fresh?

- Get your sleep

- Drink more water

- Move more

- Walk for 20 minutes every day

- Eat more fruit and vegetables


Don't not eat. Don't sign yourself up to a fad diet. Don't even think about drinking detox tea.

Got a question? Want more info on training with me? Get in touch.

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