Freelance Blog Post - Week 14

Back again, the start of another week living the freelance dream. Apart from the rain.

So let's recap on last week, I had 20 sessions in the diary which I was so flipping happy about. What was less great was losing 5 of those due to injury, illness and traffic. This left me ending on a total of 15 sessions. I had a client in for her first session with me and a new client booked in for a taster session at M20. All in all, not too shabby.

The weather took an interesting turn this week, we can safely say that summer is now over.

One thing I have noticed since venturing down the route of block booking both my outside park sessions and gym sessions together is that my days feel much more free. I've been able to keep sessions running back to back and it has meant a lot less travelling between the park and the gym. It has freed me up massively which has really helped. For anybody just starting out you'll find yourself asking clients what times and days suit them. As you become busier it'll flip the other way and you'll start telling clients what availability you have for the week ahead. It makes life much more manageable.

The other thing to say is that cancellations will happen. The tough part is deciding when you charge for sessions. I have a general rule which is if the session can be rescheduled into the same week then I don't charge. For illness and general life emergencies I don't charge and will let the client re-book. Anything else, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy and I stand firm by that. You really have to as a freelance PT.

The added free time has helped me book onto some fitness events that are coming up over the next few weeks so I'll keep you all posted and update via my Twitter and Instagram. I'm looking forward to trying some new stuff and challenging myself.

I went home this weekend, briefly, to support my amazing friend Anna run her first half marathon for charity in remembrance of her Granddad. It was so lovely to be able to go home and support her, we cheered her in over the last mile mark. Honestly this girl is such an inspiration to me. Anything she sets her mind to she just keeps going until she achieves it. It took some massive guts for her to complete the run, just so proud and happy for her. GO ANNA!!

This has also left me feeling really excited and positive about what is to come. I'm going to take some of her awesomeness and try and channel it into my week ahead.

Alex and I also managed to sneak in a cheeky date lunch at a pub to enjoy some much needed couple time after another busy week freelancing for us both. I had a chicken pie and TWO glasses of wine (I KNOW) it was wonderful. He's away working next week so it was nice to go out and treat ourselves for a change. Well he paid actually so, cheers BF!

Next week I am flying solo until Wednesday so planning to knuckle down and get some work done on our new project and also crack on with my training. I'm currently trying to stick to a 2 lower body and 2 upper body split in my workouts. Last week I massively went off track as I got later into the week. This week I'm planning to train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday and Friday are my really busy PT days where I think I'll struggle to get anything else in.

Also got some exciting catch up/hang outs scheduled in so can't wait to tell you all about those next week.

So here's to week 15. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend - let's do this!

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