5 Reasons I'm Using Padwork With My PT Clients

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Last week I attended a full day Padwork for PT's course in Manchester City Centre which was delivered by YMCA. I had wanted to go on one of these courses for a while as I always thought it would be a really good fit with my outdoor PT clients, especially over the winter. The day was practical and hands on and taught me a tonne of great moves and combinations to use with clients.

Since then I've been implementing padwork into my outdoor PT sessions I thought I'd do a round up of 5 reasons why I think padwork is a great addition to your workout.


I mean it is working all of these bad boys - agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed.

Because of the range of movements and the way sequences and routines can be put together it is a great way to test and improve all motor skills. This is especially helpful if you're working with clients that are slightly older and will benefit hugely in day to day life from improving these. Post Natal clients can also benefit as they often struggle with balance and coordination after giving birth.


Some people call this body awareness. I find that so many clients really struggle to get their body to do what their brain is telling it. After periods without exercise it is something we all struggle with. You know what you want your body to do, it just won't do it.

Padwork is great for this. Your brain is processing the movements and the sequences and your body is gradually over time learning to combine multiple strikes at a time. It is amazing just how quickly the body will adapt and improve during sessions like this.


I don't care what anybody say's, hitting stuff feels awesome.

Seeing as it isn't socially acceptable to go around hitting stuff as an adult this seems like the perfect solution for that.

There is something really wonderful about landing that punch and hearing the sound the pad makes when you strike the sweet spot.


It is a really simple way of increasing the amount of cardio in a PT session, sequencing jabs, crosses and hooks into lunges, butt kicks, burpees, press ups - you name it and the combo can be done. Your clients will be sweating in no time.

The feedback from my clients so far is that they really feel they've done a workout and they loved it at the same time. Exactly what you want to hear at the end of a session.

On a selfish note this is great for the PT too, standing and instructing, teaching and correcting form doesn't keep us very warm in the winter months. Being able to participate in padwork is guaranteed to keep us thawed out for the entire session.


I would say every single client I work with either in the gym or outdoor struggles with confidence.

When you can teach someone a new skill like padwork, get them to learn the moves and feel comfortable to combine them into sequences you boost their confidence hugely.

It is a great feeling being able to teach someone something new. It is so rewarding to watch a client land the perfect jab and see how proud they are.

I think we all need a little confidence boost every now and again and this is a fab way to do that during a session.

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons why if you haven't tried padwork you really should.

If you're a PT and you don't include any padwork I would definitely recommend it. Since I attended my course I have used it in almost all my outdoor sessions. It is a fantastic way to build relationships and trust with clients as the sessions are so interactive.

If you have a client with high blood pressure this is something you will need to monitor carefully and may not be appropriate.

This is a really flexible way of training clients both indoor and outdoor and is great for both 1-2-1 and group training formats.

If you want to know more or you'd be interested in trying padwork sessions with me, get in touch!

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