My 25,000 Daily Step Challenge

Last week I decided I wanted to set myself a different kind of challenge. Rather than focusing on my gym training and workouts at home I wanted to see if I could consistently hit a 25,000 step count daily.

As I'm a personal trainer and do both gym and outdoor sessions on average I can get anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 steps on any day. I'm telling you this so you know I was starting from a pretty decent step count anyway.

This includes me walking to and from sessions and any workouts I do during the day as well. Ordinarily I am on the higher end so I figures 25,000 was a significant enough increase without being completely unmanageable. In theory.

Here is how the week went.

Monday 23,269 steps 10.83 miles

Tuesday 34,786 steps 17.11 miles

Wednesday 25,296 steps 11.57 miles

Thursday 29,155 steps 14.43 miles

Friday 21,668 steps 10.66 miles

I managed to successfully hit my step count 3 days out of five.

On Monday I realised just how much stepping it would take to hit the 25,000 and that this was going to be more of a challenge than I initially thought. I even attempted pacing around the house Monday night to boost the number but it was too little too late.

Normally when I set myself a challenge and start the week by screwing it up, the challenge more often than not goes by the wayside. However, I was determined to take this seriously and on Tuesday I did just that. I forced myself out for an afternoon walk even though I had grumpy hormones and didn't want to do a great deal of anything.

Wednesday was a labour of love for this challenge. I had let the steps slide all day long and then in an unlikely turn of events decided after my evening PT session that I needed to just roam the streets of Didsbury to get my step count in. That is exactly what I did. I walked with absolutely no aim what so ever other than to hit my step goal.

By Thursday I felt like I was on a real roll with it all. I was taking longer routes home and heading to and from PT sessions via the park just to gradually get my steps in during the day. I had well and truly learnt my lesson from Wednesday night.

Friday was a slow burner, I had a dentist appointment and wine to drink. By the end of the week I was pretty stepped out.

So what did I learn? It is actually not as easy as you think to increase your daily steps when you're talking a number as high as 25,000. However, it did make me consciously think about my steps and routes I could take or ways I could increase my steps without it being an inconvenience.

I really enjoyed having something to focus on that was a challenge but that made me get outside and wrap up warm instead of heading to the gym or sitting at my laptop all day.

Without going all TMI on you, it was the perfect challenge for a hormonal week. I often find that my energy levels and mood are all over the place and I find it difficult to stay consistent. Rather than beating myself up about not wanting to lift weights I could just stick on my trainers and head out the door. It still left me feeling like I had achieved something.

All in all, I actually enjoyed it. I have decided to stick with it for another week to see whether the challenge becomes easier to incorporate and to see if I can manage to get a full sweep on the week at 25,000. Wish me luck!

Fancy upping your steps with me? Get in touch to link up on FitBit.

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