Is Personal Training Worth the £?

Female personal trainer manchester

The obvious answer here is yes

I mean I’m a personal trainer aren’t I – I’d be doing myself out of a job if I said otherwise.

But, it is all just about counting reps, drinking protein shakes and posting booty pics on Instagram?

There are some benefits to having a personal trainer that I thought people might not have thought about and maybe it might change some people’s opinions. The fitness industry is still relatively young in comparison to a lot of others. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of unqualified individuals who are spreading it. With every year comes a new fad or craze for us to follow.

The fitness industry isn’t the only one to blame here, marketing agencies and brands have been making millions from telling us all we need to lose weight and look a certain way. Helping us to spend money on products that promise to help us reach unattainable and downright outrageous aesthetic goals.

Since entering the industry, the most obvious thing I’ve noticed is the difference in standards across the board. This applies to training providers, the qualifications, gyms and PT’s as individuals. It’s no wonder really that people often have a skeptical attitude towards PT’s.

That aside, when you find a great PT that person will go above and beyond to help, support and guide you to the goals you want to achieve. You really can’t put a price on that. We’re also unqualified therapist and saving you a fortune in counselling.

A lot of people argue that PT sessions are expensive. When you look at it as a cost per hour of your time, I can see how it would seem a bit pricey. However, the hour that you get face to face with a PT isn’t the only time they are working on your behalf.

Here’s what your PT is doing for you, outside of the hour you paid for

  • Programming and designing your workouts

  • Checking your food diaries

  • Coordinating your sessions

  • Producing informative online content, often to benefit you

  • Remembering its your birthday and sending you a message

  • Learning to improve the quality of the service they provide you

  • Practicing workouts and exercises before your sessions

  • Sharing recipe ideas, stretch and mobility routines or home workouts with you

That’s quite a lot of extra work when you think about it.

In truth, in one way or another we are always working for the benefit of our clients. With every session and every new client that walks through the door we are expanding our knowledge and becoming better personal trainers.

Like with all jobs, not everybody who is working as a PT is a great PT. Some people do get into the fitness industry thinking they will get to spend a load of time training themselves and will give their clients generic workouts and questionable nutrition advice. It won’t take you long to spot one of those.

Don’t let the bad apples tarnish the rest of us. Those of us working our nuts off to make the industry better. We are the ones reading articles, taking courses, asking questions and being there for you 24/7 and not just in the hour you booked in for.

When you find a trainer who really gives a sh*t they will do whatever they can to support you. I have met some amazing PT’s in the industry, people who are adding serious value to people’s lives and doing a load of work for free to be better.

I am hoping that perhaps I have managed to convince some of the skeptics out there that personal training can be great value for money. We’re not just counting reps, we’re correcting form, encouraging you and pushing you to do more and improve every time we see you.

You will love us and hate us in equal measure, and we’re OK with that.

If you fancy taking a chance on a personal trainer for the first time or want to see what personal training is all about - get in touch, I’d love to hear from you

Female personal trainer manchester