How I’m Prepping For My Upcoming 10k

How I’m Prepping For My Upcoming 10k

Pepsi (Gatorade) have gifted me (this product), but all views are my own.

I have only ever done one 10k before about 5 years ago, at the time I was running fairly consistently with a friend of mine which helped keep me on track. Since then my running has been sporadic at best. I decided this year I wanted something to challenge me physically outside of the gym which is why when a friend suggested signing up to a 10k I decided to go for it.

As luck would have it, a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Gatorade and asked if I’d review the cool blue sports drink. Seeing as I am only a couple of weeks away from a 10k I thought perhaps now would be the perfect time to try them out.

The science behind sports drinks is that the Electrolytes and carbohydrates help athletes refuel and rehydrate. Electrolytes help regulate the body's fluid balance while the carbs provide energy. Electrolytes are minerals, such as potassium and sodium, which have impact on your muscles, brain and nerves. During exercise we lose both water and electrolytes as we sweat and sports drinks can help to restore those electrolytes and keep you hydrated during intense activity.

You can see why so many athletes turn to drinks like Gatorade when they’re training at such high levels. I certainly don’t consider myself an athlete but as my training is ramping up prior to my 10k, I wanted to see if perhaps this could help me recover in between my run’s, gym workouts and delivering personal training sessions.

Firstly, I assumed Gatorade was fizzy, but I have no idea why, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it wasn’t. I was also expecting it to be overpoweringly sweet but to me it didn’t taste that sweet. There is a high sugar content with these kinds of drinks and colourings and additives to consider. I’d imagine this would be an issue if you were drinking these kinds of drinks on a regular basis and not utilising them alongside intense training. I think this is where a lot of the criticism of sports drinks comes from.

How I’m Prepping For My Upcoming 10k

However, for my intended use of aiding my training recovery for a few weeks in the lead up to a 10k I wasn’t overly concerned. They worked great to have on hand chilling in the fridge when I came home post run. I don’t have a lot of time before I’m back out for sessions and into the gym. I felt they helped me to rehydrate, I am always super thirsty after a long run.

Training wise I am ticking along quite nicely now and only a few weeks left to go before I brave the November weather in Heaton Park, Manchester. I’m still feeling nervous but hoping if my training stays on track to get a decent time at the end. I will be packing a bottle of Gatorade to take with me for when I cross the finish line.

In summary, I’ve enjoyed trying the product out and it has been nice to experiment during my training. If you are very active, I can see how utilising Gatorade to replenish your body’s electrolytes would be beneficial.

As for my next fitness challenge, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I do like the idea of having something new to throw myself into each year to keep testing myself and my body.

My top tips for getting into running:

1. Get it done early, it is much easier to talk yourself out of it when you leave it to the end of the day.

2. Download a mega playlist with your favourite music to keep you going when it get's tough.

3. Stretch before you go and when you finish, you'll suffer with less niggles if you do.

4. Find a running buddy to keep you accountable.

5. Get out in nature as much as you can, the sunshine and fresh air will do you the world of good.

Most importantly, enjoy it!

Just look here how happy I am training...

How I’m Prepping For My Upcoming 10k