My First MoRunner 10K Experience

My First MoRunner 10K Experience

There are some things you need to know about me before I start telling you all about my MoRunner 10k experience.

I am not what you would call a 'natural' runner. I go through phases with running, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. It has never been something I found easy. I distinctly remember truly hating cross country and anything running related at school.

That being said, when a couple of friends signed up to this year's MoRunner 10k at Heaton Park, I couldn't resist the challenge.

When you work in a gym all day and write session plans every week for your clients and programme for your online coaching too - sometimes the last thing you want to do is exercise in the gym. This is where me and running on occasion have become friends. When I really hit a lull in my own exercise I knew signing up to a 10k would focus me to keep active and try to get some miles under my belt.

The preparation didn't go as smoothly as I had wanted, read my post How I'm Prepping For My Upcoming 10K on how I attempted to prep. I came back from holiday and instantly got ill and was ill on and off pretty much the entire lead up to the race. At one stage I genuinely considered chickening out and just going to support. In the end - I just couldn't bail on it.

The day met us with some challenging conditions, it rained throughout and was bloody cold! The general event atmosphere, warm up and fancy dress was enough to keep everyone in pretty good spirits.

I'd been warned about the course of the race, Heaton Park is notoriously quite 'hilly' and it really didn't disappoint. I was anticipating the worst having only really done a handful of training runs around the very flat streets of Didsbury!

Given everything the lead up to and the event day threw at us, I had a really good time. I feel slightly nuts even admitting that. The race itself went far better than I was anticipating, we came in at 57.40 which is a 10k PB for me. Safe to say I was very happy with that. Huge props to the marshals around the entire course who stood out in the pouring rain cheering us all on to the end.

Reflecting back, here are my take-away tips from my MoRunner 10k experience:

- Go with a running buddy, I cannot tell you how much it helped me having someone running next to me the whole way round to keep me going.

- Pace yourself, aim to set off somewhere towards the back and take your time. The start of any race is difficult to set your pace whilst everybody filters out into their natural speeds.

- Hydrate - before/during/after

- Wear trainers you've already worn in, comfort is best when it comes to running for long periods of time.

- Enjoy it. That isn't to say that setting yourself a challenge like this won't be super tough but it will be good fun. I felt really nervous before the race and in the morning I wrote down all the things I was worried about so I could put them to one side and just try and enjoy the event. Here's what I wrote:

🔹️You can do this.⁣ 🔹️You'll be fine.⁣ 🔹️Enjoy it.⁣ 🔹️You're only competing with yourself.⁣ 🔹️Nobody cares how fast or slow you run.⁣ 🔹️Relax a little.⁣ 🔹️Smile.⁣ 🔹️Have a laugh.⁣ 🔹️It'll be over before you know it.⁣ 🔹️Focus on the finish line.⁣ 🔹️Chill out.⁣

Challenges are great ways to keep improving your fitness. To keep your body progressing, it helps to give it different types of exercise and movements and sometimes push yourself to do the ones you find the hardest.

If you're struggling to get consistent with your exercise, check out our online coaching @wellbeing_project where we're sharing our favourite quick and easy 20 minute workouts you can do anywhere - for FREE.

Fancy giving Mo-Running a go? head to their website to see if there is an event near you that you can sign yourself up to.

Happy Running Everyone!

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My First MoRunner 10K Experience