4 Simple Ways to Make the Gym Work for You

4 Simple Ways to Make the Gym Work for You

Is 2020 the year you're determined to get consistent with exercise and your diet?

If it is, firstly, good for you. I think it's great when people use the New Year as an opportunity to start fresh and do anything that improves their health.

Secondly, I'm going to share some tried and tested methods from both me and my personal training clients to help you get on track and stick with it - for good!


What we mean by this is...

1. How much time do you have to exercise across the week?

2. What day's and times work better for you?

3. What is realistic with the lifestyle you currently have?

Making ambitious plans to get into shape is great but without a plan of action on how to turn that into reality, you're going to find it difficult to even get started. Don't overcommit yourself to gym sessions on days and times that you know just won't happen for you. If you're a morning person or a night owl, work with it and not against it.

When you plan exercise around what actually fits you can make it stick. If you're looking at the diary and thinking all you can manage is 2 sessions for 20 minutes - start with that and stick with it.

What we don't mean when we say timing is everything is that you should wait for the perfect time to start exercising. There is no perfect time. Every time you delay getting started to start on a Monday or a new week or month, you're preventing yourself from taking any steps in the direction you really want to go.


I am a firm believer that you do not need hours in the gym to get a decent workout in. I used to believe a couple of years ago that if I didn't have hours to spend in there it just wasn't worth it, I was so wrong.

The key here is making the most of the time you do have to get the best workout possible.

I think there's a lot of confusion out there about what is 'optimal' or 'best' v's what is realistic and achievable for you in your life. In order for you to make something stick, it needs to be something you can manage alongside everything else you have going on. Exercise should add to your life - not take a away from it.

If you're short of time opt for higher intensity full body exercises to help get your heart rate up and ensure you get a full body workout in.


Classes are a great way of making you committed and accountable to exercise. A bit like a dentist appointment only hopefully not as terrifying. When a class is booked, paid for and in the diary, you are far more likely to drag yourself to it when you're maybe not completely in the mood.

My PT clients tell me weekly that without the session booked in the diary, they wouldn't have gone to the gym or exercised that day at all.

I have found booking classes a great motivator to getting me into the gym on the days where thinking about planning my own workout or braving the gym floor feel like it's too much effort.

It takes all the stress and thought out of going to the gym.


Ever walked into the gym, seen it is busy, realised you can't get onto the cardio machine you wanted and left? Yeah, me too.

Having a plan or a few plans as go-to workouts are a life saver especially when the gym is busy. It means you have a back-up and some familiar exercises you can do if you're short of space.

I also think when you go in anywhere with a rough idea of what you're planning to do, it takes a lot of the anxiety away when you first walk into the gym.

If you're struggling to make a plan - ask for help. Gym's will often write free workout plans for you based on your goals or you could work with someone remotely (like us at the @Wellbeing_Project) who will design you workouts based on the amount of sessions you do at the gym and what you want to achieve.

One of the main reasons people work with us online is because it takes the thought process out of going to the gym, each workout is planned for the client and all they have to do is work there way through it.

We've just launched our 6 Weeks To Boss The Gym online coaching package, we're taking clients on until the 24th of January. Click here to find out more information.

So there are my 4 simple ways you can make the gym work for you this year.

Any questions or want my support with anything? Get in touch weightsnwine@outlook.com

Last but not least - good luck! Enjoy it. Cheers to a happy healthy 2020.

4 Simple Ways to Make the Gym Work for You