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Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp

Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp

It is hard to stick to exercise plans and programmes long term, especially if they lack flexibility and aren't being revamped often enough.

You know the feeling, you've been enjoying exercise and getting your sessions done and then you notice you're skipping an exercise or you're putting off a workout until tomorrow or the next day. It can be easy to hit a lull and often we're not sure why we're no longer enjoying what we've been doing.

In this blog I am going to share the top three ways I know that my clients training plans need a revamp.

Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp


Repeating the same exercises and workout routines is pretty boring. There is definite merit in sticking with a training plan for 4-12 weeks to allow your body time to get stronger and fitter in the exercises that you've chosen. That doesn't mean those workouts after 4 weeks won't feel like a total drag.

If this is the case you need to look at mixing things up to keep you enjoying yourself.

Ask yourself:

Is is the format?

Is it the exercises?

Is it how long it takes?

It could be that all you need to do is switch doing repetitions for time or put your exercises in a different order or combination to make things feel more engaging again.

Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp


Training plateaus happen.

In the begging you might be going great guns and noticing how much fitter and better you feel every week. Then it feels like things slow down and eventually maybe even stop, but why?

Simple changes to the weights you're using, the time you're doing exercises for or the way you train can help get thing's going again.

The body is incredible at adapting to the stimulus you give it. The more you do something, the better you get at it and the easier it becomes. It's really key that we keep thing's challenging in order to keep the body working hard.

It doesn't necessarily mean you need a whole new workout, but you might need to push yourself a little bit harder, try lifting heavier weights or holding your planks for longer. Simple changes like that might be all you need to feel like you're back on track again.

Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp


This is when you know something has got to change.

If my clients can no longer bring themselves to get their workouts done, we sit down and chat it out. It's important to know if there's too much on your plate, you're not feeling great or whatever else might be preventing you from showing up.

Sometimes the workout is to blame and you need something fresh.

Here's where adding in different styles of workout can be hugely beneficial. Something new and exciting for you to try.

Perhaps you could look at adding in different exercise variations or joining a new class to add something different into the mix.

Three Signs Your Workout Needs a Revamp

Remember in order to make fitness work long term, it has to be flexible to you. The key is finding a way that works with and not against your existing lifestyle.

Knowing that this happens all the time and having ways that you can tackle it, is key to staying consistent with exercise even through the biggest training slumps!


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