So, the world of protein powder, smoothies and snacks can be a baffling one. One of the things you see a lot is images of protein smoothies but most of the time you haven't got a clue what people put in them?

Here is a little selection of some of my protein smoothies and shakes, the protein powder I've used and what other yummy stuff I've thrown in there. 

frozen strawberry + banana + spinach + strawberry delight diet whey protein and lots of ice

strawberry diet whey protein + milk + water + ice

PHD diet whey strawberry protein + matcha powder + chia + spinach + banana with skimmed milk and water

1 scoop vanilla diet whey protein powder + handful of spinach + 1/2 banana + ice

strawberry diet whey protein + 1/2 a banana + handful of frozen berries + skimmed milk + water + tsp of oats + 1/2 tsp of matcha

PHD diet whey vanilla protein smoothie + banana + spinach + blueberries + matcha + oats

PHD diet whey vanilla protein + chia + oats + matcha + frozen strawberry + banana + handful of spinach

vanilla diet fuel, ultralean nutrition shake

belgian chocolate PHD diet whey