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postnatal wellbeing 7 day free challenge

Welcome to my 7 day Postnatal Wellbeing Freebie!

Hello, firstly can I say a huge thank you for joining me on for this 7 day challenge.


My name is Emma, I am a personal trainer qualified in pregnancy and postnatal fitness as well as a pregnancy and postnatal wellness practitioner. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over seven years. Supporting women throughout pregnancy and into post partum is my jam, I absolutely love it.


As a busy mum and working in the industry I know how essential looking after ourselves postnatally is, but I see a lot of coaches expecting you to find more time.


Which is why I have created a week series of bitesized videos designed around the concept of habit stacking. I’m sure you will have heard of this before. The idea being that you take a new habit which you want to create or add into your routines, and you attach it to a well established existing routine – like making a cuppa or brushing your teeth.


All of the videos I have created for you this week will take no longer than the time it takes your kettle to boil – to complete. Winner!


I really hope you enjoy this and it helps you to finally start making some small windows of time for yourself again.

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