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I am a qualified pre and post natal personal trainer who works with women through all stages of their pregnancy to keep them active, fit and healthy.

My job is to work with you to help you feel strong and confident throughout each trimester by prescribing safe and effective exercise. I provide a safe environment for you to express any worries or issues you may be experiencing during your pregnancy. Where I feel additional support is required, I will refer you to the best person possible to assist you.

I have also qualified as a pregnancy and post natal wellness practitioner. During this qualification we looked at making adaptations for pregnancy and the post natal period. We also worked through prescribing effective core and pelvic floor training and planning and preparing the body for labour and birth. 

Exercise during pregnancy has a number of fantastic benefits for both you and your baby. It helps relieve pain, build confidence and get you feeling strong and ready for motherhood. 

I combine everyday functional movement with a range of equipment including weights, bands and so much more. I work with you where you're currently at and can help you start exercising if this is new for you in pregnancy. There are some example workouts available for you to try for free on my watchlist.

Pregnancy can be a challenging and daunting time in your life. My job is to make exercising throughout your pregnancy as stress free as possible. 

I will help empower you to have confidence in your body so you have a good birth and recovery. 

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Louise & Zara

“I’d been following Emma for sometime on Instagram before I reached out to her for help ahead of my wedding in 2019.


I really admired her fresh approach to fitness and it’s helped change my mindset towards exercise, which has helped me set more realistic goals that I’ve stuck too and given me the right reasons to enjoy exercise. 


I’ve absolutely loved training with Emma and I continued to after my wedding. She’s since coached me through a knee injury and more recently my pregnancy which I cannot shout about enough. I never thought I’d be the person to do that let alone enjoy it.


She’s encouraged me and given me the confidence to exercise through times I’d have likely used as a reason to quit in the past and I’ve loved every session and seeing the progress I’ve made with my strength and fitness. 


Emma’s so personable, honest, realistic, massively supportive and super friendly to say the least. She’s helped me to be more consistent with exercise, try new things and be more confident in my body.” 

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Lou & Issac

"I started working with Emma six months after having my first baby. I was feeling fairly unfit and very tired (hello new parent exhaustion) so we decided to focus on strengthening my core, my balance and pelvic floor.

I can honestly say that Emma changed my fitness life from that very first session. She made me feel completely at ease with every single workout and movement despite me never being a regular gym goer or fitness enthusiast.

Emma is a fantastic post-natal coach my confidence was lifted from day one and after only a few months I could see my body changing. And I feel the strongest and healthiest I have felt in my entire life.


She is a total inspiration!


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Weights & Wine to any new mum's hoping to improve fitness and mental wellbeing."

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Emma & Evelyn

"I trained with Emma both during my pregnancy and into the post natal period. We worked together both in person and remotely as part of her 12 week group coaching program.

Working with Emma you’ll find a supportive, caring and encouraging trainer who tailors support to you as a person. Emma will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking about exercise and yourself!

My motivation since becoming a mum is very different. I want to be a strong (in every sense) role model for Evelyn. It is important to me that she has a positive body image and relationship with food and exercise.

During our time working together I felt stronger and really enjoyed the journey. Emma never made me feel guilty and was always encouraging me to workout when I could once Evelyn was born."

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