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body image workshop replay

In this FREE workshop replay we are talking all things body image. Something I know feels challenging for so many of us.

We're spending more time socialising, catching up with friends and family and surrounded by delicious food and mulled wine! What's not to love? (Can you tell this was filmed at Christmas)

With that comes a lot of external and internal pressures about how we look and feel in our bodies.

The aim of this workshop is to take a closer look at body image, how it is created, the impact it has on us as individuals and the role others play in this.

I want to create a completely safe space for us to communicate openly and honestly about how we're feeling right now.

I'm not promising this workshop will transform the way you feel about your body.

But we will work towards action steps that could improve it long term.

body image workshop.jpg

Passcode: uY#KD7G+

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