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My First Freshwalks Adventure

A while ago I came across @freshwalks on Twitter and read about how Michael Di Paola organised some pretty spectacular walks across the peak district to provide of a different kind of networking experience. This wasn’t my first experience of one of Michael’s events, I’d been TwitFaced before.

Now walking I love, networking… I can take or leave if I’m completely honest. After a few tweets and a lot of dithering over being able to actually attend one of the walks whilst doing my personal training course I finally managed to book myself onto the Glossop route last weekend.

This walk definitely wasn’t for the faint hearted and saw us heading out over the Pennine Way out to Bleaklow, taking in the B29 Superfortress wreckage (which is insane by the way) before descending back down to Old Glossop. 16km (ish) in total, long enough for my FitBit to reward me with my first ever hiking award.

On Sunday I ached, everywhere.

I met Michael and a few other walkers at Piccadilly train station and I have to say, the whole day ran really seamlessly. There is something really nice about turning up and having the whole day mapped out for you – literally.

So what can you expect from Freshwalks?

A chilled out and friendly bunch of people who all share a love of walking and being outdoors. It was a nice mix of new faces and Freshwalk originals and it was good to have the opportunity to speak to a load of people I’d never have normally met professionally. The networking side works really well, the group naturally splits off depending on how hard core of a walker you are and once you’ve fallen into a bog or two, conversation flows really naturally.

This is what I learnt on my first ever Freshwalk adventure...

1. There is nothing like a glass of wine and a pub lunch afterwards. 2. Watching people disappear into bogs is actually really funny. 3. Spare socks are essential. 4. Sun cream if offered is not to be snubbed. I still have spectacular neck burn. 5. Snacks on a 16km walk can be used as currency. 6. Networking whilst walking is much easier than whilst awkwardly eating a bacon butty in a suit. 7. The Peak District is bloody beautiful.

Sound like your cup of tea?

Well head here to find out what upcoming walk Michael and the group have organised:

For anyone who’s short on time or not keen on starting with a huge distance they have city walks in Manchester. These are cheaper, you can do them on your lunch break and lunch is included – happy days.

I absolutely loved my first Freshwalks experience and I’ll definitely be back to take on the Peak District with these guys again soon.


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