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@gofasterfood Go Bites & Go Faster Food review

A few weeks back I was sent a box of @gofasterfood Go Bites and a copy of their Go Faster Food recipe book. I've been trying to get around to making something from the book for ages and this week I finally did it - hurray!

So First up - the Go Bites!

Now I love walking and hiking and just so happen to be in a relationship with a Vegan - so these snacks were pretty ideal for us. They're wrapped in 3's, lightweight to carry around with you and come in 3 different flavor varieties.


My favourite (and the BF's) by a long shot are the hazelnut and chocolate, they're really yummy. Second place for me is date and coconut. Third place apricot and seeds - which I wasn't that fond of if I'm being completely honest. However, they're a great snack for walking and hiking and really easy to chuck into a backpack and eat on the go. If you fancy checking them out you can here

Next up - Go Faster Food by @gofasterkate

So I decided to have a go at making the Anzac Cookies, I made these vegan and added dark chocolate. Here's what happened...

These were so easy and quick to make, 5 minutes to chuck everything together and 15 minutes in the oven. They're delicious, chewy with a lovely hint of coconut and I love the dark chocolate addition on top. I am definitely not a Nigella in the kitchen, by any stretch of the imagination... so if I can make these quite seriously anybody can!

The book is full of all kinds of recipes offering different courses and quick eats v's slow cook options. I'd imagine for an active family its a perfect cook book. I like it, nice and simple and straight forward which for a cooking novice like me is ideal. Measurements are in grams not cups - which I LOVE!

Finally I'd like to say thank you to @gofasterfood and @gofasterkate for letting me try out the Go Bites and the Go Faster Food recipe book, I have really enjoyed it!

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