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Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation Course

Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation Course

One of my favourite things about personal training and fitness is that there is always something new to learn, a new skill, new research or new crazes to try. In the fitness industry you really never stop learning. The title of the course sounds a little intense right? It was fascinating so read on...

When I was offered a place to attend a Movement Re-Patterning course with The Movement School at Probalance I genuinely couldn't wait. I had no idea what to expect if I'm honest and was worried the course would be really complex and more geared at physios and therapists.

The course was brilliant, Mike Antoniades led the two day sessions and his knowledge and experience is astonishing. I already feel like a baby in the fitness industry, his experience just confirmed that! His delivery was clear, well demonstrated and interactive. I have always been a really visual learner so this course really worked for me. We were promised practical, and practical we got!

We learnt about the functional approach to rehabilitation, muscle activation and recruitment and stimulating the nervous system. The analysis of movement patterns using the DMS Functional Movement Analysis to identify uncontrolled, inefficient and compensatory movement. Re-educating movement patterns including learning techniques for movement re-patterning: Walking, Backwards Walking & DMS Rehabilitation Exercises

It was a lot of information - a lot. I mean I could have spent a week on this course and still learnt absolutely loads more.

I found so much of the course fascinating, specifically the importance of walking, not only walking correctly but how effective this is for physical and mental health. Mike reinforced the increased benefits of walking outdoors and in nature and the greater benefits this can have. The use of backwards walking in rehabilitation work, which was a completely new concept for me.

The methods we practiced to undertake functional movement analysis and the work we did to engage our glutes is definitely something I'll be using going forward in my own personal training sessions.

The course taught me that the connection between the brain and the rest of our body is incredible. This is something that needs to be used constantly, trained, and fine tuned to make it better and stronger. It also taught me that movements can be taught and learnt again with practice and repetition.

I had a fantastic time on the course and in the few weeks since I did it, I have already applied a lot in training my own clients. I meet a lot of people who struggle with basic movements after surgery and this course has really helped me build confidence in clients who have been struggling before training with me.

If you're interested in attending one of Mike's Movement Re-Patterning courses, check out the availability and prices here.




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