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I want to get fit - Where do I start?

I think this is something we have all felt and we've all said to ourselves and to each other at one time or another.

"I'd really like to get fit", "exercise more", "eat better" and just generally "feel better". But how?

There's definitely a lot of barriers we put in the way of achieving all of these things -

Time - there just isn't enough of it is there? Not only is there not enough time to get started, but with the limited time you do have. Is it even worth it?

Money - Got to have all the gear, gym membership, PT sessions aren't cheap... need a fancy water bottle too.

What - But what am I going to do? Jog?... how long for? Don't you need special running trainers for that?

Motivation - I mean you already used most of that getting out of bed and putting your bra on. That stuff runs out pretty quick.

Life - It gets in the way, you have other things going on. Relationships and family and chores and bills and stuff. Does fitness really need to be added to the list?

Now I'm not remotely interested in telling you that your approach to fitness should be all #noexcuses sod that. We've all got stuff going on, so here are some ways you can get started with feeling and being a bit more fit.

Planning is everything in life, we know this already. If we don't plan ahead then daily chaos just takes over and life quickly turns into every man for himself. Where you can, even if it's just 20 minutes... plan some time.

People have the misconception that if you're not exercising for hours on end then why bother - total rubbish! All movement is worthwhile, a stretch routine, a quick yoga session, walking to the shop instead of driving. It all has benefits. I always think if you find time to brush your teeth every day and you wouldn't dream of not doing it... exercise really shouldn't be any different. I mean it keeps you alive for longer, brushing your teeth doesn't do that!

The fitness industry is managed by marketing agencies who are really good at telling you that exercise without the latest gadget is pointless. LIES. You don't need fancy watches, phone apps, trainers, sweat licking clothing or headphones. Exercise still exists without all of that. Long before all the materialistic fitness cr*p existed, people still exercised and managed to be fit and healthy without it all.

I'm here to tell you, drinking water throughout the day, without recording it into My Fitness Pal... it still counts.

If you're struggling to think about what to do, firstly stop and think about how your body feels. Tight? then maybe a quick stretch routine would help. Tired? then maybe a yoga routine will help make you feel more awake? Itching to move? Why not head out for a quick run? Need some fresh air? Head out for a walk, no headphones or phones... just you and the rainy Manchester sky.

There are loads of fantastic workout routines and ideas you can get online. YouTube is a personal favourite for routines when you're short of time but Instagram is really upping its game with clips on short targeted exercises.

Motivation is a tricky one - all I will say on this is that the good feeling I get after exercise is as strong as the one I get when I eat a bar of chocolate with a glass of wine. Don't just take my word for it, give it a go.

Life is busy, I am forever posting about having two jobs, a relationship (still happening), my family, moving house and some very understanding friendships. I get that everyone has their own stuff going on. Start small, replace one small thing with one small workout. Everybody starts somewhere.

If you fancy some more tips / help or ideas for getting started with your own fitness I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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