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5 Reasons You Won't See The Fitness Results You Want

Why You’re Not Seeing Fitness Results

Are you frustrated that all your hard work and effort doesn’t seem to be paying off at the gym?

Do You feel that no matter how hard you try or whatever exercise program you follow nothing seems to work for you?

I hear you, been there and done that.

There are a few key reasons why you might be stuck in a rut with your fitness and you’re no longer seeing results, have a read and see if any of these sound like you.

You’ve Plateaued.

If you’ve been consistent with your training for some time now and really got into a groove then your progress might have stalled because you’ve hit a plateau. What this means is, your body has adapted to the demands you are putting it under and so is no longer seeing the benefits.

Don’t panic. All that means Is you need to adjust your workouts and move your body in new and different ways.

Here are some ideas for you...

Instead of a set time at a set intensity on cardio equipment or your usual distance out on a run, why not try intervals. Manipulate the speed, resistance or incline to make your body work harder for shorter bursts.

If you’re lifting weights and the weight you’re lifting feels comfortable for anything between 8 and 12 repetitions, look at increasing it and reducing your reps. This will force your body to work harder but will keep the exercise safe with reduced numbers.

You could also mix your usual routine up with a class, exercising with a friend and trying out their workout style or even working with a trainer to increase the intensity you’re working at.

You’re Not as Consistent as You Think

This can be an issue for both how consistent you feel you’re exercising and how well you think you’re doing with your nutrition.

As humans we are often unintentionally and intentionally forgetful about what we have and haven’t done. The more flexibility we have when it comes to our training and nutrition the less progress we make.

When it comes to seeing results, consistency, as boring as it sounds – is King.

You’re Changing Thing’s Too Much

A lot of us assume we need to be mixing up our workouts every week. Not true. The key is to spend around 3-5 weeks with near enough the same programme. Over that time the focus should be drilling down the movement and increasing the weight you’re using or the intensity that you’re working at.

Like with all things, the more you do something the better you get at it.

If you’re easily bored look for variations of the same exercise, an example would be an incline versus a flat bench press.

You’re Expecting Too Much Too Soon

You need to give all the hard work you’re putting in the time to pay off.

Sadly, we are sold daily that it takes weeks or sometimes days to get results from exercising and that simply isn’t true.

If you’re new to exercise then you need to give your body time to adjust, adapt and get stronger. Don’t give up because the scales aren’t dropping. Allow your body at least 4/5 weeks to start seeing and feeling a difference and if nothing is happening, look at what you’re currently doing and why that might not be working. If you're brand new to working out check out our Beginners Fitness Guide.

Your Diet’s Off

If weight loss is the goal and that isn’t happening for you, there may be something not quite right with your diet. Your best bet is to monitor your eating habits over a month period and if you’re still not seeing a change when you think you should be there are a few things you can switch up that might help.

Make sure you’re being honest if you’re tracking your food intake and don’t make the mistake of adding in calories you’ve ‘earnt’ on something like MyFitnessPal via exercise. All this does is increase your overall calorie intake.

You might not be eating enough; your body has gone into starvation mode and is clinging on to what you have left and won’t lose weight anymore.

There can be a number of things that might be affecting your fitness results. The key here is not to worry or throw the towel in. Try my tips above and see whether that is enough to get you back on track again.

If you feel that you might need more support either in person or virtually, why not drop me and email to have a chat about your goals and how I could help you.

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