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4 Ways You Stand in The Way of Your Own Fitness

4 Reasons You Have Been Standing in The Way of Your Own Fitness

Most of us at one time or another have tried to and catastrophically failed at getting into shape. It seems that all of us have a fitness and diet related horror story to tell.

Thanks to marketing agencies around the world we are constantly striving to be in the best shape ever. We’re parting with our money all over the place to find the quick fix and ultimate thing that will get us into that bikini body shape we have always wanted. Still we're not getting the results we want, even with all these miracle products.

What if I was to tell you that you are the biggest obstacle standing in your way when it comes to getting the results you want and living a sustainable and healthy life?

Do you agree?

I say this because I have been an obstacle myself and sometimes, I still catch myself standing in my own way. I ruin my own chances because of my lack of belief in myself and my ability.

Do you feel like despite your best efforts you’re always working towards your goal but never actually believing you can make it? Are you jumping from workout to workout and diet to diet without being any closer to your end result?

If that’s you – keep reading.

Here are the top 4 ways you are standing in your own way and my advice on how to defeat them.


You go to the gym and you eat well where you can but deep down you just don’t back yourself.

You are the biggest cheerleader you will ever have and it’s shocking how many of us simply don’t back ourselves and our abilities.

The mindset itself is guaranteed to mean you’re putting in a sub-par effort. Nobody goes in all guns blazing when they don’t believe they’re capable of change.

Changing the way you think about yourself isn't an easy task and it is something I still work on for myself. What is important is recognising that your thoughts might be setting yourself off on the wrong foot if you're not aware of them.


Is a huge barrier for people when it comes to exercise. When you look at a gym environment it really isn’t any wonder that so many of us are so fearful of it.

If exercising in front of other people or at the gym really isn’t your cup of tea, then start at home. Start walking every day, find a friend to support you or join a class with you so it doesn’t feel quite as intimidating.

Know this, all of us are unsure and lack confidence in one way or another. I have days where I feel like a total gym boss and others when I’d rather be anywhere else.

Like with anything, the more you do something and the more familiar something is, the less intimidating we find it.


Nobody likes to look like an idiot. I get it. I did an entire post on moving past failure that you can read here.

When you give something a go, put yourself out there and really try to reach a goal you’ve set it means you’ve opened yourself up to potentially messing it all up, but that is also an important part of the process. As is falling off the wagon and starting all over again.

The truth is that getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice and not a destination. There will always be highs and lows and some weeks will be better than others. If you can grow and learn from it you’ll be far better for it in the long run.


Aren’t you.

Are you still telling yourself that people like you just don’t get to look and feel the way they want?

Everything you’re telling yourself gets reflected into your behavior and you’re on a sure-fire path to staying exactly where you are.

When is the last time you told yourself you look great? You feel good? That you nailed a workout? For some of us that never happens. We're always much quicker to put ourselves down and tell ourselves we're not good enough.

You need to spend some time giving yourself credit for the work you're putting in.

What needs to change?

You should believe in yourself. It won’t happen overnight but implement small changes in your routine and stick with them. Once you see that you’re capable of keeping those smaller habits in check it will break down those barriers you’ve built that tell you you’re not capable of change.

Re-affirm it, write it down, commit to it on paper for yourself and start to make those commitments. In time that will help you take steps towards the end goal.

Accept that failure is an important part of the journey. It doesn’t signal the end or that you’re incapable. It is just part of the process. Learn from it and move past it.

Know that by sabotaging yourself you’re staying in a place you don’t want to be.

If you want some support to help get yourself healthy both mentally and physically, head over to the Wellbeing-Project. We've created a tonne of free resources on happiness, goals, accountability etc. that will help you start making real improvements in your life to help you feel great.

Want to know more about training with me? Get in touch.

4 Reasons You Have Been Standing in The Way of Your Own Fitness

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