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I'm Emma

I help women feel confident exercising so they can throw out the scales

Weights & Wine Personal Training

Personal Training

Are You feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your lack of progress and results training on your own?

Confused and fed up with all the fads and quick fixes that don't work and make you feel like you're failing?

Let me take all the confusion away and make exercise and eating well straightforward and enjoyable.

Weights & Wine Personal Training

Online Training

We can work together no matter where you are in the world.

Are you looking for some much needed support and accountability to get the best workouts in possible at home or in the gym?


Why not check out the options for working with me online through my own Weights and Wine App.

My Mission


To show you that exercise is not about punishing your body but using it and realising just how brilliant it can be when you look after it.


Oh, and that life is too short to forfeit a glass of wine... or do 100 burpees


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