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Welcome to Weights&Wine


I'm Emma


I'M Helping Women Achieve Their Health & Fitness Goals during their important life cycles

trying to conceive / pregnancy / post-natal/ motherhood / peri-menopause / menopause

female personal trainer / weightsandwine / England

Personal Training

Are you looking to work with a trainer 121 to build your confidence around exercise?

I run 121 virtual PT sessions on Zoom and Skype that allow me to coach clients from the comfort of their home.

Giving you the accountability of a weekly session with a personal trainer to keep you showing up.

If you've been put off from starting an exercise program because you've failed with plans in the past and finding the right thing for you feels overwhelming, this could be a great fit for you.

Let me take all the confusion away and make exercise and eating well straightforward and enjoyable.

female personal trainer / weightsandwine / England

Are you looking for some support and accountability to create a workout program you can enjoy and stick to?


Whether you enjoy training from home or the gym, we work together to design workouts based on your goals that fit with your lifestyle.


Working with me online is like having me as your personal trainer, in your pocket. 

My custom fitness App weightsandwine includes exercise demonstrations and teaching points to help you learn how to train no matter what your experience level.

Our monthly coaching calls allow us to keep adapting to ensure you're enjoying your training, staying consistent and keep seeing results.

online female personal trainer, lytham st annes, weightsandwine

My Mission


To show you that you can make regular exercise and healthy eating something you can enjoy.

To teach you that fitness is for life and can be adapted to work for you no matter what stage of life you're in.  

To help you see that your worth is not your body.


Oh, and that life is too short to forfeit a glass of wine... or do 100 burpees!

Want a taster of working with me? Why not check out my watchlist.

Why not drop me an email 

I am based in Lytham St Anne's, Lancashire, England.


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